Students apologize for “offensive image” no one was offended by

Cornell, Asian, Black, Racist, Stereotype, Meme
Cornell, Asian, Black, Racist, Stereotype, Meme

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) at Cornell law school sent out an apology for a supposedly “offensive image” that no one was offended by. I guess they “thought” someone should have been offended by it and issued the apology. That was thoughtful of them.

TheCollegeFix reports:

The image featured an Asian man singing karaoke, with the text “ABBA REE I CAN FRYYY,” the Sunsaid. That’s a reference to the R. Kelly song “I Believe I Can Fly.”

But, really, why are we at this point of being so overly sensitive in the first place that we have to self-censor?

When it comes down to it, there’s no guarantee anywhere that you won’t be offended by something somewhere sometime. Maybe you should just learn to handle it better. It’s going to happen. That’s life. It isn’t usually intentional, so just take it for what it is.

Looks like the Asian student group already learned that lesson. Well done.


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