Storytime with Bill Whittle: Some Girls Are Born to Lead, a book about Hillary

Bill Whittle, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Childrens Book, video still
Bill Whittle, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Childrens Book, video still

Bill Whittle says it as only Bill Whittle can. The book is real, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born to Lead. It’s obvious that Bill is reading the clarifying subtext to whatever is printed on those pages. Ouch! The truth hurts…

Thanks to Bill for breaking it down with child-like simplicity and humor (if you can call it that).

Hey kiddos, it’s time for Uncle Bill to read a story– its a charming tale about a super breed of woman, a true leader from birth, Hilary Clinton! Gather round!!

H/T ConservativeVideos

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