On eve of Obama’s nuclear security summit, Russia plans missile firing salvo from Arctic

Obama, Putin, Faceoff
Obama, Putin, Faceoff

This is likely to go over the heads of the 99% of Americans who have no idea Obama will be hosting a nuclear security summit on 31 Mar and 1 April.

But Russia knows – and, as reported previously in this space, Russia isn’t going to be there.  The Russians don’t want the same things in nuclear security that Obama does, such as enforcement “teeth” for IAEA.  And they’re not willing to attend merely for show, apparently.  They’re just not that into Obama these days.

It’s a big deal that they won’t be there.  Russia’s absence will mark a very telling departure from the U.S.-Russian unity on the matter of nuclear proliferation, and nuclear cooperation in general, since the late 1980s.  This is a major pillar of the international order showing strong signs of collapse.  And by not attending, Vladimir Putin clarifies that that’s OK with him.

Don’t let that just blow past you.  Think about what it means.  Putin has decided he no longer needs to pretend that the old international order is important to him.  He won’t default to paying it homage anymore.  He feels free to adopt this posture because of American weakness under Obama, of course.  But the point here is that we can expect him to not feel deterred now, from the things he really wants to do.

With the summit nearing, Russian media are reporting that two of the Russian navy’s modern Borei-class ballistic missile submarines are preparing to get underway for a missile salvo firing.  The Boreis carry 16 Bulava missiles each: intercontinental-range ballistic missiles (about 5,100 statute miles) with MIRVed warheads.  They’re expected to conduct any missile launches from the Barents Sea, north of the Arctic Circle.

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