Muslims are laughing at us

Muslim, We Can Do It
Muslim, We Can Do It

On March 8, 2016, International Women’s Day, many Muslim groups posted this photo on their social media pages. Should a head-scarfed woman represent American women? Does a head-scarfed woman reflect the giant strides American women have made throughout the decades?

Muslims are laughing at us.

For the last few days CAIR has proudly shared a video (linked here) on their various social media sites depicting the American flag waving at the state capitol building in Oklahoma as the call to prayer is being blasted and praying Muslims sit on the floor of the Capitol rotunda praying.

The women are forced to sit in a separate section – segregated from the men. This is supposed to represent American Democracy? Equality? Human rights?

Why is this happening at our capitol buildings throughout America?

Every single day I see various American Muslim groups laughing at us. They make fun of us on Twitter and other social media. I watch them defile our principles of democracy and human rights by using those very principles against us – and they laugh.

Every day I see them stomp on the premise of equality by oppressing their wives, daughters and sisters – and they laugh.

Every day I see them promoting hatred and violence, not only by reciting verses from the Quran that instructs Muslims to hate and conduct violence towards non-Muslims, but Muslims use Obama-style anti-American rhetoric when they coordinate protests with Black Lives Matter groups and also, more recently, with Hispanic groups.

In recent years Muslim groups have been distilling anger and division among America’s Hispanics, the largest minority group in America, a group that is converting to Islam in rapidly growing numbers.

The video took place on February 26, 2016 at the Oklahoma state capitol. A Christian and a Jew participated in the opening prayers. These “prayer leaders” were part of the Interfaith scam – a Muslim Brotherhood creation that is used to promote the idea of Islamophobia and which works incessantly at crying “prejudice” and “racism” towards Muslims in order to take our rights away.

In the video we are told that Muslims are taught to “love thy neighbor” (when the Quran says the opposite). We are told that Americans “fear” Muslims and fall prey to “Islamophobia” because Americans “don’t know a Muslim”. What rot. We don’t need to “know a Muslim” in order to know that Islamic ideology is the opposite of what is in our Constitution and our democratic principles.

I know of no one that “fears” a Muslim. This is not about fear. This is about not wanting Islamic ideology to invade our system of government. This is about not wanting Islamic ideology taught in our children’s schools via Common Core. We do not “fear” Muslims. We simply don’t want Islamic ideology to invade America.

I don’t “fear” Muslims (though they send me death threats often). No, I do not fear Muslims. I am simply repulsed by their ideology and don’t want it invading our way of life.

A “practicing” Muslim believes in the Quran and follows Islamic Doctrine. A “practicing” Muslim wears the Islamic garb, the head cap, the beard, the robe-like attire, and the women wear headscarfs. Muslims are making a statement when they wear those items. They are clearly stating that they are “practicing” Muslims and are clearly stating that they believe in the ideology stated forth in the Quran and teachings of Muhammad. That is why they wear the Islamic Garb — to clearly make it known that they are “practicing” Muslims.

Human rights and equality do not exist in Islam because the Quran is laid out explicitly stating that people are not equal. The Quran and Islamic Doctrine clearly state that non-Muslims are to be subordinate to Muslims. More than 60% of the Quran is about the distinction between non-Muslims and Muslims, clearly outlining that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims (usually using words of hatred and/or violence towards non-Muslims).

The Quran and Islamic Doctrine clearly state that non-Muslims are to be fought until they are either killed or forced to acknowledge their inferior status by either converting to Islam or paying a tax. Non-Muslims are considered slave status with no rights. That is what a practicing Muslim believes because that is what is explicitly taught in the Quran. The Quran is recited and taught in all mosques and Islamic Centers throughout America.

The Quran contains well over 100 verses that call Muslims to war (jihad) for the sake of Islamic rule and stresses the implementation of Islamic Law on all people. The Quran warns Muslims repeatedly that they will go to Hell if they do not participate in the goal of implementing Islamic Law on all people.

So if a Muslim is a “practicing” Muslim, he or she detests us as instructed in the Quran and as the imams in mosques throughout America teach — via the Quran – which all Muslims believe are Allah’s words. At best, Muslims see us as inferior and can’t wait to put us in our place — and this is partly why they have annual Muslim Day at the state Capitols throughout America. All practicing Muslims want to move forward with the end goal of enforcing Islamic rule and implementing Islamic Law.

They are laughing at us. They are using our own system against us. There is a Muslim Capitol Day in almost every state in America. Some, like Minnesota, have had more than ten “annual” Muslim Capitol Days. In 2014, CAIR Minnesota had their 10th annual Muslim Day at the Capitol, where they celebrated their “achievements” in passing bills “protecting” Muslims, but also where they taught activists “how to persuade legislators” to be more pro-Muslim.

On April 25, 2016, California will have their annual Muslim Day at the Capitol. CAIR says to come join them to “celebrate their achievements”. Here is what they are celebrating. Legislation they’ve already passed:

* A bill that prevents “Racial or Identity” profiling, and which revised the definition of racial profiling (to be more pro-Muslim agenda). This bill prohibits peace officers from engaging in Muslim profiling.

* A bill that prohibits the state from materially supporting or assisting any federal agency in collecting data on any person. It makes evidence collected from data collection inadmissible in local or state courts.

* A bill that insures religious freedoms of California’s minority employees (this is how “prayer rooms” for Muslims and separate check out lanes are allowed and enforced “by law”–thereby taking away equality to non-Muslims and providing superiority to Muslims).

* A bill that prohibits a government entity from compelling the production of or accessing, electronic communication, information or electronic device information.

Has your state had its Muslim Capitol Day?

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.