Muslim professor says marriage has no age barrier and no shame having sex with children

Child Marriage, Rape, Islam
Child Marriage, Rape, Islam

More and more Americans are learning the harsh, terrifying and disgusting truths about Islam. On a whole host of issues, Islam is simply not compatible with Western values, whether it be slavery, rape, social/sexual equality, violence, murder or pedophilia – in all these things Islam lines up against justice and morality.

What makes all of this worse and is the reason that Islam cannot coexist with the Western World is that the religion teaches that anything Muhammad did was right, just and moral. So murdering infidels will always be okay, slavery will always be just, rape (in certain cases) legal, and pedophilia strenuously protected. Why? Because Muhammad took part in all of these things. If they are wrong – then he was wrong…. and that just cannot be.

Are you starting to understand why such backwards practices continue in seemingly “civilized” nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, etc.? If any of these immoral behaviors are wrong, then it throws the entire Islamic religion into chaos, and so a large portion of Islam will ALWAYS defend these heinous and disgusting practices.

For example, a religious leader in Bangladesh argued that child marriages should not be banned because that would make Muhammad look bad…

Read the full article by Onan Coca at EagleRising.

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