Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement at the Chicago Trump rally protest

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

According to Muslims on Twitter, the Chicago University’s Muslim Student Association organized the massive group “protest” at the Trump Rally in Chicago., who took credit, is a front group.

Both the Muslim Student Association and CAIR are Muslim Brotherhood groups. I’ve already reported that CAIR has been organizing events for Black Lives Matter, so it was no real surprise to me to see that Muslims were saying that Chicago University’s Muslim Student Association organized the protest at Trump’s rally. What did surprise me was the media putting the blame on Trump when so many other factors were involved.

Trump has always had extremely large rallies, and after the rallies his supporters disperse peacefully, orderly, and cause no disruptions. But the “protesters” who shut down Trump’s Chicago rally behaved differently. They went into the streets and purposefully blocked traffic. They assaulted police officers who tried to help get the traffic flowing. When ambulances arrived to help the injured, the protesters stopped ambulances and would not allow them to get close enough to give medical help.

A Chicago pastor tried to take the stage right after the rally was canceled and he became violent and punched a Trump supporter (click here to see the video). I did some research on this “pastor”. He has participated in the “Interfaith” scam, an organization created by the Muslim Brotherhood. The pastor, Jedidiah Brown, has also participated in Muslim events, “Denouncing Islamophobia” and “Anti-Muslim hate”, both CAIR sponsored events.

Muslims on Twitter have said the protest was organized by the Muslim Student Association at Chicago University. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) has branches at every Illinois university, including small city colleges. All MSA groups are taught activism—it is a standard procedure for all MSA groups throughout America. It would be quite easy to organize the various “groups” that participated in the “protest” at the Trump rally because MSA already includes these groups in other events whenever they need a large crowd.

I also looked up the group that took credit for the protest, The first thing I noticed on their website was an “I Stand by My Muslim Neighbor” advertisement.

Since Trump first announced that he is running for president and declared his stance on temporarily halting Muslim immigration until the U.S. created a better vetting system and that he approved monitoring mosques, Muslims have declared their hatred of Trump daily on social media. One of the main campaigns of CAIR is to stop “vetting” Muslim immigrants and to end any form of monitoring mosques, even if there is suspicious activity. Thanks to CAIR, police and other law enforcement are almost totally unable to investigate anything suspicious if a Muslim is involved.

Following Muslims on social media has made it clear to me that we are fighting something very big. It’s been hidden for decades, but now it’s quickly becoming apparent. Sadly, each decade that these groups organized and functioned unnoticed, they were able to create more mechanisms that penetrated into our society and our government. And they are extremely well organized and united under the same goals.

I believe the Muslim Student Associations, and possibly CAIR, had something to do with the organization factor of the protest at the Chicago Trump rally. Especially since they repeatedly organize and post events for Black Lives Matter and are heavily involved in the Hispanic community and other groups who were seen at the protest.

Whether you love or hate Trump, we need to be grateful that he’s bringing light to some very dark powers that have infiltrated our government and our society.


For more information of how deeply ingrained CAIR and the Muslim Student Association is throughout America, click here. It’s included at the bottom of the post.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.