Lemon is for Snapple

CNN host gets into it with a Trump supporter over Trump's tweets about Ted Cruz and grows irritated when she evades the question.

CNN was up to more antics, or rather its hosts were. Don Lemon, was asking a Trump supporter, Omarosa Manigault, about Trump’s attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. Omarosa didn’t want to go there and tried to talk about the Super Pac ad about Melania Trump, but the host cut her off, saying he wanted her to stop talking about that.

After she kept talking, Lemon lost patience and said, “Cut the mic, everybody. We’re not doing that. I want everyone on this panel to answer the question directly.” Omarosa objected, and Lemon immediately cut to commercial  a minute into the segment. When they came back he asked her the question again. She said they should be talking about terrorism not tweets. Lemon retorted that if Trump hadn’t put out those tweets, they wouldn’t be talking about them. He was kind of a sour lemon during this portion of the show…living up to his name I guess. Omarosa continued to avoid the question and they eventually gave up.

Cruz and Trump both need to stop this boyish quarreling and focus on the issues America will care about…and the truth.

Watch the video at Mediaite.


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