Is your Pastor a clown or warrior?

clown or warrior
clown or warrior

Before our men and women in the military head to the Middle East war zones, they spend weeks and months preparing. They study their enemy and the best tactics with which to battle that enemy. When they enter the battle zones, they are not only prepared with their training but they are armed with the protection and weaponry necessary to confront and defeat the enemy.

The last thing you would want to do is dress up our military personnel in a clown suit, put on a big red nose and floppy shoes and give them a squirt gun with which to confront the enemy. Yet that’s exactly what many of today’s pastors are doing. They are the head clowns training you to be a clown, just like them.

Far too many Christians today have fallen into the trap of wanting to be entertained more than they are hungry to learn about God’s Word and what it means to our lives. Mega churches are filling their pews by appealing to your emotions, more than to your eternal salvation.

Just think about all of the pastors today that spend more time entertaining their congregations than they spend teaching them God’s Word. We hear about pastors wearing Cincinnati Bengals outfits and doing the Icky Shuffle, or dancing or making their sermons appear more like a comedy routine on Saturday Night Live than a serious teaching of the Bible.

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