Introducing… Herni and De Bird

Herni, Voter, CruzCrew, Cartoon
Herni, Voter, CruzCrew, Cartoon

A.F. Branco over at ComicallyIncorrect is debuting a new series. Looks like his new character “Herni” is part of the #CruzCrew, and his pet bird is “Feeling the Bern”… Enjoy!

Introducing Herni, a somewhat elderly man trying to get a grip on a changing world. He, at times doesn’t recognize his own country anymore, and his liberal pet, De Bird, only adds to his frustration (a story for another day). Herni is retired, very conservative, a veteran, and is single. More about Herni to be revealed in future panels.

Hope you enjoy the future weekly adventures of Herni and De Bird. ~ A.F.Branco

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