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Lexi is a wonderful six-year-old in my Sunday School class whose foster parents have been going through a 3.5-year legal battle to try to adopt her. She is 1/64th Indian and after several appeals, the court ruled based on the corrupt Indian welfare law that she could be moved while the Pages fight it out in the California Supreme Court. However, the County wants to take her away on an extended stay tomorrow at 10 am away from the only family she’s ever known to a non-blood Indian relative in Utah! Read more details below and please consider helping and praying. The Pages have 3 biological children of their own and have been caring for Lexi since she was 2. Thank you on behalf of their family.


Please sign the petition at


Please like them on Facebook page:

Calling (more below):

Please call/email everyone that you can on the below list—with it being the weekend (and the County knew this), please call anyone and everyone that you may think could help, no matter how far fetched. We have come up with a brief script below to help in what you can say—for those of you that know Lexi well, make it personal:

I’m calling/writing to urgently ask for your help. There is a 6-year-old little girl who is going to be ripped away from the only family that she has ever known. Her name is Lexi. The first year of her life she moved from foster placement to foster placement. Her birth mom is a coke addict and her birth father is a sex offender but Lexi has been with a loving, stable family for nearly five years and is thriving and a happy, healthy little girl. To Lexi this family is her everything – her mommy, daddy and brother and sisters. Legally, they are her de facto parents and recognized by the state as her parents. Unfortunately, since Lexi is 1.5% Choctaw, the state of California and LA County have allowed the Indian Child Welfare Law to devastate this family and will be pulling Lexi from her Mommy and Daddy on Sunday to move her to Utah to live with a non-blood related family who aren’t even members of the tribe. I’m pleading with you to please contact the following elected officials and help us stop this and keep Lexi home!

Contact California Governor and make sure he knows what is happening.

Call Congressman Steve Knight’s office and ask for his help to stop this atrocity. Let him know that the Indian Child Welfare Act is hurting Lexi and other children.

Call the mayor and ask him to help keep Lexi in her home community of Santa Clarita.

Call Rep. Sharon Runner and ask her to please help keep Lexi home.

Ask Assemblymember Scott Wilk to help us keep Lexi home.

Contact the LA Times and ask for their help.

Call local TV stations and let them know Lexi needs help:

Here is a link to the Office of Appeals case.

Additional Help:
If you’re able to help with Social Media, crowdfunding or any other way to get people’s attention today, please let us know. We need to make this go viral to get attention, but at the same time, we need to spend what could be our last day with Lexi as a family. We trust that God will provide a miracle for her to stay home tomorrow.

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