GOP Debate Recap 11: Trump on Trial

Last night’s debate in Detroit was less of a circus than the one previously, with the field only down to 4 people, but Cruz and Rubio still tried to hold Trump accountable for his actions, or lack thereof. Cruz scolded Trump about his constant interruptions, telling him to breathe, and count to 10, as if he were talking to his daughters. Rubio, though he had lost his voice, still fought back, calling Trump out on his lying to students at Trump University, and not listing a solid plan for immigration. Kasich was the peacemaker in the situation, constantly reminding the American people to work toward peace and not fight. He also listed his experiences over any candidate on that stage in foreign policy experience and balancing budgets.

For the first half of the debate, Trump was a good boy, remembering his manners, but eventually, his true colors came out again. He called Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” and Rubio “Little Marco” and Rubio said he should focus on issues rather than attacking people. Everyone also alluded to Detroit and its problems along with the issues in Flint, Michigan, in hopes of swaying voters March 8th.

Trump was bullheaded, saying that Mitt Romney begged for his endorsement during his campaign, and that he really should have bowed down for it. He also said that if he was President, people would do what he said without question. Oh well then, hello Dictator.

Over the weekend, more primaries will happen. Will people make the right choice and finally ditch the arrogant, lying business mogul?

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