Good news for Veterans: New treatment for PTSD & traumatic brain injury

Soldier Flag Retirement, Military, National Guard
Soldier Flag Retirement, Military, National Guard

via Andrew Marr, Warrior Angels Foundation Co-Founder and CEO

I am a hard man but I wept as I compiled these stories.

I wept for the lives and families saved, I wept for the lives and families we have lost, I wept for the hundreds of thousands who still need support. The unseen wounds of combat have come at a great cost. Warrior Angles Foundation (WAF) has provided a solution.

Below you will find a small sample of Veterans who received support via WAF, many thought all hope was lost.

These life changing stories were made possible from your contributions. You can measure the value it has produced better than I could attempt to explain it.

From the heart, thank you.

Please see WAF’s 2015 year-end review and future objectives after these heartwarming stories.

I’m married with four kids, a 24 year veteran of the US Army. I spent over half my career in the Special Operations community, and deployed in support of the war on terrorism and other overseas contingencies over 8 times.

What was your quality of life like prior to starting your personalized protocols?

Despicable, horrid, non-existent. I was just spinning my wheels and looking for a way out. Constantly fatigued, and lethargic, this made me very depressed.

How has your quality of life improved since your personalized protocol was implemented?

I feel better right now than I have in five years. I’m still going uphill, but I can see the top. I have the energy to make up for five years of physical and mental neglect. This protocol has put me in the appropriate mental state to get physical again and I am doing it! I am very grateful for the opportunity to receive this treatment. Before I knew that it existed (Joe Rogan Experience) I was literally losing all hope, nothing I had tried was pushing me ahead. What I can attest to is that there are NO silver bullets out there; however, this protocol is the closest thing to it, because of the continued personal contact with Dr Gordon and Andrew Marr, I am a work in progress, yes, PROGRESS, which is more than I had been in the past five years. If it were not due to this protocol, I highly doubt I’d be here today; it has pushed me over the hump and got me going, saving my life! This is just very small but meaningful thanks to all the supporters out there making a difference!

Just a regular special ops dude who now focuses on being a father.

What was your quality of life like prior to starting your personalized protocols?

I didn’t want to live. I was angered, depressed, and in pain. I had no quality of life.

How has your quality of life improved since your personalized protocol was implemented?

I feel like me again; a person. Life is worth living. This foundation is amazing and I love that I received help and that they are helping others out there.


See more success stories at the Warrior Angels Foundation and consider donating to this worthy effort to help our veterans and save lives.

Warrior Angels Foundation will continue to use disruptive technology and tactics to improve quality of life for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) while working to secure our endorsed evaluation and treatment process within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Administration (VA) or until new technology dematerializes, demonetizes, and democratizes the current health care system.

To free the medically oppressed, because families can’t and the VA won’t.

Andrew Marr Warrior Angels Foundation Co Founder and CEO

PS. If this compelled you in any way please share it with those who are unaware of our efforts.

Photo credit The National Guard

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