Flee churches that promote amnesty & open borders!

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The U.S. government is shoveling buckets of cash into religious non-profit groups whose purpose is to deliver more immigrants into your neighborhood and provide amnesty to the gatecrashers already here. This is part of a one billion dollar annual refugee resettlement budget that is resulting in the ruin, rampage, and rape of our culture. Moreover, it will only accelerate because of the 3 million Muslims having permanent residence and 250,000 being added each year! The facts suggest a major shift has started in our nation.

There are about 7 million Muslims in the U.S. and 300,000 of them prefer Sharia law and 25% declare that it is acceptable to use violence to punish those who offend Islam if they try to portray the prophet Mohammed! And Evangelical leaders want to bring even more to the U.S. and are hand you the bill.

Among other requests, the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) wants Congress to not exclude any specific religious group or nationality from the massive resettlement program. In recent years the group has brought in about 2,000 Syrians to the U.S. and 97% are Muslim. Obama has already brought over 100,000 “refugees” since 2012. Note that few insist that maybe Christians should be at the top of the list.

Let me see if I understand this situation: Some American Evangelical leaders are pressuring Congress to give amnesty to illegal aliens already here and to bring in even more! These are people who know nothing about democracy, have no concept of freedom, speak a foreign language, worship a pagan god, are so backward they have bathed in a river and peed into a hole in the floor all their lives, and will immediately become a financial leach on the face of America! Now, I think it is wonderful that they want to upgrade their living standards and culture (as well as their sanitary practices); however, it doesn’t seem wise to change the face of America to accomplish that. Future Americans will rise up and call these Evangelical leaders cowards and traitors.

Moreover, why are Evangelicals receiving barrels of money from the federal government anyway? If evangelical leaders are so concerned about “refugees” then let them pass the collection plate the way our church does when people have a need. Of course we should help people but don’t expect taxpayers to pay the bill. May I suggest that there is no constitutional provision for such program? But then, there is no constitutional provision for abortion, same-sex “marriage,” farm subsidies, student loans, etc., but that doesn’t bother our esteemed officials, even some “conservatives.”

Europe is lost, gone, hopeless, destroyed, wrecked, smashed and America is following the exact path. Only a fool, fanatic, or faker says otherwise.

Note that these Evangelical leaders are not responding to their constituency because their rank and file has already spoken…

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