Exhibitionist professor’s novel of sexual escapades is required reading for Art class


CampusReform reports:

Students enrolled in a mandatory course at Roger Williams University are required to read an art professor’s novel that graphically depicts a variety of “unusual” sexual encounters.

The course, Core 105: “Aesthetics in Context: The Artistic Impulse” is taught by Aesthetics professor Stephan Brigidi. He is also the author of the book in question, a novel titled Afraid of the Dark: A Venetian Story” which some students are reporting as being inappropriate and even downright vulgar.

When I hear stories like this, my initial reaction is to ignore it. I mean, really, how bad can it be? Here’s the excerpt (WARNING: sexually graphic!) sent to CampusReform, you can decide for yourself. For me personally… I wouldn’t want to be subjected to this content.

So what purpose does this serve? Sure, college kids are technically adults and adult content is perfectly legal. But is this really a book about “art”? That’s debatable and subject to whomever is reading it.

What one has to wonder is, why the professor feels the need to push such graphic and intimate content on young impressionable minds.

What kind of person wants to stand in front of a classroom full of young people, all eyes on him, “discussing” the content and meaning of a near-pornographic novel, which, oh by the way, just happens to be about him? Is he an exhibitionist? Or does he just like watching the discomfort and/or arousal of an entire classroom of kids? Either way… it’s just wrong to subject other people to that.

In addition to such sexually explicit “lessons” the professor’s socialist leanings are woven into his lessons with writings such as:

“I dare say that greed, in the name of the American capitalist, free-enterprise system is the root of all problems in this country.”

I wonder if the professor is giving his novel away for free to all his students in rejection of the evil capitalist system? Or is he profiting doubly from his position as teacher?

And where’s the college curriculum review board? Aside from this text being wholly inappropriate… is this not a complete conflict of interest to make YOUR own novel the required textbook for YOUR class?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

H/T CampusReform

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