Don’t worry… Hillary will protect your right to choose, without exception

Hillary Clinton, Townhall, Brett Baier, Video Still
Hillary Clinton, Townhall, Brett Baier, Video Still

In case you were wondering, Hillary vows to protect a woman’s right to choose. It’s sounds like such a common-sense statement to make. Who wouldn’t want a woman to choose her own healthcare options? Who wouldn’t want a woman to be able to make life and death decisions for herself? It’s simple… just let the woman make her own choices.

Of course, we’re talking about abortion. That is, after all, what pro-choice advocates are protecting… the right to choose to have an abortion whenever you want, at any point in your pregnancy.

To say it in passing, it really doesn’t sound that bad:

A woman has the right to make her own reproductive choices at any time during a pregnancy.

But when you really stop to think about what that looks like, you might feel differently. Much of the abortion conversation centers around disallowing late-term abortions which occur after 24-weeks of pregnancy. That’s 6 months. After that point, the baby has the potential to survive outside the womb.

During a Democrat town hall last week, moderator Brett Baier asked Hillary Clinton if there should be any restrictions on how late a late-term abortion can be done. You can watch the exchange below and see for yourself (starts at 4:40 mark). There was alot of wordsmithing going on, but it sounded to me like she clearly said “no restrictions” especially when the health of the mother is in question. So let’s go with that.

Imagine a woman coming into her 9th month of pregnancy. Her doctor feels certain she will die if she carries to term. She confesses she didn’t really want the baby anyway. So they both agree an abortion is the best option for her. What does that look like? She’s going to have to go through labor or surgery depending on her “medical condition.” If the baby is “delivered” or “removed” without first being killed (via lethal injection), it will be born alive. Now what? It must be killed before exiting, otherwise things can get messy. Here’s a little video (PG version) of a 3rd trimester abortion procedure:

If the baby would likely live if delivered at this point in time, the real question is… why does the woman have the right to kill this child? Most states have a “safe haven” law in place that allows someone to surrender an unwanted baby without question. Why doesn’t this law also cover the “product” of late-term abortions (which are really premature deliveries)?

It sounds so simple to “give a woman the right to choose”… until you paint the picture that the choice she’s making, especially in a late-term abortion, is to murder a child. Does anyone really have the right to do that?

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