Did Ted Cruz support amnesty, or not?

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio

In this presidential campaign, Rubio and others have attacked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), by claiming his amendments to Rubio’s amnesty bill were somehow in support of the bill.

This is a lie.

In fact, Cruz’s amendments were ‘poison pill’ amendments designed to kill it, and to reduce the effect of the bill if it indeed were passed with his amendments.

Art Harmon at RedState.com lays it out in great detail. Read the full article and decide for yourself!

NOTE: Art was also Congressman Steve Stockman’s Legislative Director in the 113th Congress, and was his advisor on border security and amnesty. He says that he and Congressman Stockman worked with Senator Cruz to succeed “in killing Rubio’s bill because it violated the Origination Clause in the Constitution–it contained taxes, fines and fees, and Senator Rubio should have known better than to help write and push an unconstitutional bill.”

Photo credit Gage Skidmore


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