‘Devout Catholic’ teacher: I lost my faith because Church wouldn’t pay for my IUD

Catholic Church
Catholic Church

The media have used every argument imaginable – and a few that hadn’t crossed our minds – to justify the Obama administration’s HHS mandate. They have ignored the constitutional freedom of religion enshrined in our founding documents and advanced the contraceptive and abortifacient mandate on every pretext from curing endometriosis to improving the health of nuns.

This week, it trotted out a familiar gem: The Christian Church is turning people away from God by upholding what she believes to be His teachings.

On Tuesday The Washington Post ran an op-ed by Sonia Guizar, an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles and a lapsed Roman Catholic. She writes that the Roman Catholic Church blew their relationship by refusing to change its teachings to suit her lifestyle.

“My religion has always been a big part of my life,” she wrote. “I was raised Catholic, received a Catholic education and taught at a religious school for years. My daughter is in Catholic school now.”

“But the church’s attempts to block my access to health care have made me feel disillusioned,” she wrote…

Read the full article by Ben Johnson and Fr. Mark Hodges via LifeSiteNews.

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