CAIR plans to take down Trump and Cruz

For those of you who are voting for Trump or Cruz -- your vote is more important than ever.

CAIR, Terrorist
CAIR, Terrorist

CAIR has posted the following on various social media:

“Muslim organizations throughout America are mobilizing in an effort to take down Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.”

The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), all very powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations, are rallying Muslims via mosques and social media, in order to win the election and promote the pro-Muslim agenda via their candidate.

Before everyone jumps to the conclusion that the Muslim vote isn’t large enough to count, you are wrong. The numbers are large enough to swing the results. Official stats on the Muslim population were purposefully frozen years ago, for a reason—to not raise awareness of any impending ability to undermine American society and democracy.


Muslim immigration began to dramatically rise starting in 2003. Add to this number, the number of converts to Islam in prisons has been multiplying in enormous numbers for well over a decade. In recent years, the Hispanic population was targeted successfully and has resulted in amazingly high numbers of converts, which grows daily—Hispanics are the fastest growing population converting to Islam second to black Americans. None of these converts, nor the multiplying immigration numbers have been added to the old data. But you can bet the Muslim population in America is alarmingly high if CAIR is gloating about the numbers and the power behind those numbers.

I use the word alarmingly because it is a well-documented fact that Muslim violence, societal problems, and pro-Islamic changes in government policy begins when the Muslim population is as low as 1.5% of the population (violence and problems in Australia and Italy began at 1.5%, Norway and Sweden at 1.8%).

Denmark, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries began experiencing unprecedented violence and other problems by the time the Muslim population hit 2%. Any higher than a 2% Muslim population and a country may not be able to regain stabilization. The recent “refugee” influx has exacerbated problems because the “refugees” are noticeably radical in their behavior and they fail to be law abiding.

In countries with populations of 2%, the Muslim population begins isolating themselves in neighborhoods. Though living in a “democratic” country, they choose to live by Islamic Law in these neighborhoods.

There are Muslim communities in America that are practicing the Islamic system of having four wives. This practice is easy to achieve because “officially” these people are living together “unmarried”, which is acceptable and unquestioned. Muslim males marry their wives via Islamic Law, not American law, and then begin having endless Muslim babies. Many Muslims collect welfare via four different women and their vast numbers of children using this system of Islamic marriages. They use our system against us–while growing their population.

By the time the Muslim population reaches 5% (though it can begin as early as 2%) Muslims begin to exercise an unregulated influence in proportion to their percentage of the population (i.e. though they constitute a small minority—they gain the powers of a majority).

The 2016 Presidential Election

CAIR has been registering one million new Muslim voters, while also insisting that existing registered voters get out and vote. CAIR has been targeting swing states that heavily influence the general election. Though Trump has been leading in most polls, media has been spouting numbers that say he would lose to Hillary Clinton. According to Muslim social media, this is due to the Muslim vote who are being encouraged to vote Democrat in order to beat Trump.

Trump is hated by Muslims because of his hard stance on immigration and terrorism (most especially bringing back waterboarding–Muslim Brotherhood groups were hardline activists against waterboarding and advocated closing GITMO). But CAIR and other Muslim groups are also leery of Cruz, hence the Muslim social media blitz against both Trump and Cruz.

So who are Muslims voting for?

On March 23, Hillary spoke at Stanford University, a hotbed of Muslim Brotherhood groups and their affiliates–many of whom were in attendance. On March 24, she spoke at the University of Southern California (USC). The USC event was sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), a Muslim Brotherhood organization that has rallied the most powerful Muslim Brotherhood groups in America and who boasts on social media that they will sway the 2016 election.

At the USC event, MPAC’s president hosted a group of hardcore pro-Islam activists who met with Hillary regarding “the need for partnership to protect the homeland”. A Muslim Brotherhood organization talking about ‘protecting the homeland’? No, they just want more access to our government so that our homeland will be further penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama was just the beginning.

CAIR promoted the USC event on their vast social media network. The event was advertised as: “MPAC President discusses partnership with Hillary Clinton”. Any time CAIR promotes an event, you know the event is against the good of America’s future.

On March 28, Hillary spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an event that was heavily promoted by the Muslim Students Association (MSA), another Muslim Brotherhood organization, which has affiliate branches in every Wisconsin university.

The Muslim Brotherhood are backing Hillary. But there are many influential Muslims backing Bernie. Bernie is gaining large contributions from Islamists. Islamists know that socialism is very accommodating to Islam. But my prediction is, if Bernie loses in the primaries, the Islamist backers will then vote for Hillary. And if Hillary loses, the Muslim Brotherhood groups will switch to Bernie. The Democratic ticket is a disaster no matter how you look at it.

History has shown us that as Muslim populations grow, Muslims begin to exercise “an unregulated influence in proportion to their percentage of the population”. In other words, they gain the powers of a majority. They do this by using our system and by gaining access to our government  —  this is exactly what they have done in Europe.

CAIR is clearly stating that the Muslim population in America is large enough to begin gaining  power over the majority. Do not be a part of the “silent” majority. Make your vote count. A vote for the Democratic ticket –-  will be instant death to America.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.