Why Are Liberals the Only Ones Who Are Ever Offended? Progressive Hypocrisy in Action

Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment
Silence, Free Speech, 1st Amendment

Liberal/progressives are quick to take offense when anyone disagrees with them, but are not concerned with the feelings of those they disagree with.

Recently Rutgers University students demanded an apology for having a conservative speak on campus. The speech so traumatized them that they felt they needed a group therapy session to recover. A number of organizations were there after the event to offer support for these students, including Psychiatric Services, the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance, and the Rutgers University Police. Said one protesting student, “I do not know what else to do for us to be heard for us to be cared about. I deserve an apology; everyone in this room deserves an apology!”

This kind of behavior has become an all too familiar phenomenon at colleges and universities lately, as well as in our society as a whole.

Like many liberal policies this sensitivity for the feelings of others started with good intentions once upon a time. Words can certainly be hurtful. Derogatory racial or ethnic slurs, for instance, should not be flung around by anyone. But, like most other progressive notions this reasonable compassion has morphed into something altogether as wrong, some would say even worse, than the behavior they criticized. And, as usual liberals might as well be wearing blinders or rose colored glasses when viewing their own behavior.

Let’s look at a few examples of this liberal/progressive hypocrisy.

Our President can decry unfair attitudes towards others while mocking those who “cling to their guns or religion.” So don’t those religious people have feelings, too? Some progressives want the open wearing of crosses banned because it might offend Muslims. Do liberals have the same compassion for the feelings of families of military men and women killed or maimed in Iraq or Afghanistan and call for Muslims not to wear traditional garb in public? It is the inability of progressives to see more than just their side of these kinds of issues that exacerbates the situation. Most Caucasians can understand how the Confederate flag could offend African-Americans because of slavery, but do any progressives understand that many Southerners whose ancestors fought bravely for that flag view it as a symbol of pride in defense of their homes against Northern invaders?

It is also the hyper-sensitivity of those liberal/progressives who are so easily offended that outrages many. Is it really demeaning to wish a non-Christian “Merry Christmas?” Does the word Easter offend others so much that it has to be called Spring Break in public schools? It gets worse…

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