Whistleblower: Obama admin. ordered records of suspect Muslims purged – starting in 2009

American Flag, Dept of Homeland Security Flag, DHS
American Flag, Dept of Homeland Security Flag, DHS

At this point, does anyone not find this allegation believable?

Philip Haney, a former analyst for the Department of Homeland Security, has blown the whistle more than once in the last couple of months.  After the San Bernardino terror attack in December 2015, he came forward to tell America that – in 2012 – a tracking effort targeting extremist Deobandi Sunnis (and other, similar groups) was shut down, one that would probably have flagged both of the perpetrators.

Haney argued strongly against that tracking effort being shut down, and became himself a target of retaliation within DHS.  In media interviews in December, he suggested that Islamic influence groups in the U.S. – e.g., CAIR – “play a role in controlling the narrative” of law enforcement’s approach to terrorism.

Now Haney has a new op-ed out at The Hill, in which he recounts his experience with databases maintained on the suspect ties of some Muslims in the U.S.

Read the rest by J.E. Dyer at LibertyUnyielding.

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