What we need to do to EVERY candidate who claims to live by Christian principles

Hillary and BillClinton, Swearing In
Hillary and BillClinton, Swearing In

Hillary says she’s a Christian & person of faith. Hmmm? How about a little evidence please.

“I am a person of faith,” declared Clinton. “I am a Christian, but I do believe that in many areas, judgment should be left to God… that being more open, tolerant and respectful of people who’ve had different life experiences is part of what makes me humble about my faith.”

Tim Brown at TheWashingtonStandard breaks down Hillary’s statement against her very visible record and also lays out the process for Christians to evaluate a candidate’s record. We need to do this, not just with Hillary, but with EVERY candidate who claims to live by Christian principles.

The Bible isn’t a feel-good book or a campaign tool to get voters. It’s a guidebook for living! Candidates often claim (more often than not!) to be Christian when stumping in the Bible belt, even breaking out the family Bible as a prop. That’s called “pandering!” Check their voting record and see if their actions line up with God’s Word. Oh wait… you think that’s “judging” them? What’s wrong with judging others? Jesus said to do it!

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