We just gave illegals $750 million in Obamacare subsidies

No, we're not charitable, we're inept.

Bend Over America, Obama, protester
Bend Over America, Obama, protester

File this one under the circular logic category… here’s how it goes:

According to a Senate report: 500,000 people who didn’t provide eligibility paperwork (aka: illegals) to be enrolled in Obamacare have received $750 million in benefits, courtesy of our inept government administration.

No worries! The Feds say those people have to pay back those insurance credits.

So, illegals illegally signed up for Obamacare and illegally took credits they weren’t legally entitled to and received services they weren’t legally entitled to and now our U.S. government is telling them it’s illegal to keep that money and expect the illegals to give it back?

According to FoxNews, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says that:

anyone “not lawfully present” who enrolls for ObamaCare coverage “must repay” the advance premium credit payments, and would be breaking the law if they don’t.

Right. Because illegals are SOOOO concerned about not breaking our laws. That’s why they show up to their immigration hearings. Oh wait, they don’t do that either. Because they’re ILLEGAL!

Maybe they can just take it off their tax returns. Nevermind… because they’re ILLEGAL!

Just kiss that $750 million goodbye and plug the hole so you stop bleeding us taxpayers dry, at least on this issue.

H/T FoxNews

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