Turkey pumps more terrorists into Syria

Map, Turkey, Syria, ISIS, refugees
Map, Turkey, Syria, ISIS, refugees

I’ve been asked the same question by many people over the last few days. Has Turkey or Saudi Arabia invaded Syria (or does it appear that they will)?

No, Turkish troops have not invaded Syria, nor have Saudi Arabian troops. What has been bumped up is the number of terrorists that Turkey is allowing into Syria via the Bab al-Salam border crossing, which is controlled by Jaish al-Fateh (on the Syrian side). Jaish al-Fateh is a coalition terrorist group formed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia about a year ago.

Turkey also allows terrorists to cross over into Syria via the border crossings at Jarablus, Ain al-Arab, Tal Abiad and Ras al-Ain, all of which are controlled by ISIS.

Did that information sink in? The border crossings are controlled by terrorist groups. They also control who is allowed out of Syria–and which explains why most aren’t Syrian nationals, but foreign terrorists–called “refugees” by Turkey so that Europe will take them in.

As mentioned, Turkey has been bumping up the numbers and frequency of pumping terrorists into Syria.

Twice during the last 10 days, Turkey has allowed approximately 500 foreign Islamists (terrorists) into Syria from their border at Bab al-Salam. That’s at least 1000 new terrorist fighters allowed into Aleppo province.

The various foreign Islamist groups (called “opposition”, but in reality they are foreign terrorists) have been losing their hold on various towns inside Aleppo province and Aleppo city. There have been fierce ongoing battles for weeks between these “opposition” groups and the Syrian Armed Forces. The foreign fighters have been losing, so Turkey pumps in more fighters for Islam.

Meanwhile, in recent months, there has been enormous numbers of new volunteers into the various Syrian Armed Forces to fight these foreign Islamists. These volunteers include women, Christians, Kurds, etc. They are from all sectors of Syrian society.

The Syrian Forces include the Army (which by the way, has many Christian generals leading some of the battles for Aleppo), but also include the Syrian National Defense Forces, a volunteer segment of the Army, but who are allowed to fight the “opposition” groups in their own towns and cities.

Members of the National Defense Forces fight for their own land, their own communities, their own cities and towns, against these foreign Islamist groups (“opposition”). Most Syrian towns, and especially the cities, consist of much diversity, so you’ll find Christians, Kurds, Alewite, and Druze, fighting side by side to expel the “opposition” groups from their towns and cities.

Turkey has been pumping terrorist groups into Syria for 5 years. I have reported the statistics many times, that Islamists from more than 100 countries entered Syria last year, amounting to at least 100,000 new fighters for Islamic takeover. How did these 100,000 foreign Islamist fighters enter Syria this last year? Mostly via Turkey.

So no, the Turkish “army” has not invaded Syria. But they do bomb the heck out of the Syrian National Defense Forces along the border of Latakia and Aleppo province. But “officially”, Turkish troops don’t enter Syria. They don’t have to, because they allow creepy, violent jihadists to enter Syria in enormous numbers.

And FYI, the Syrian National Defense Forces on those borders with Turkey are primarily Kurds and Christians. The people that Turkey targets, are Syrian Kurds and Syrian Christians.

People have also been asking me about Saudi Arabia invading Syria. So far it does not look like they will. Saudi officials have gone to Egypt and other Muslim countries to talk about an invasion, but most are not going along with the Saudi and Turkish desires to take down Syria. They saw what happened in Iraq, Egypt and Libya, and want no part of it.

Have the Saudi’s been conducting training exercises? Yes. But they’ve been doing this for many years, and have bumped it up over the last several months because they are fighting in Yemen. Also, the Saudi’s fear ISIS in Iraq. They began building a massive wall along the border with Iraq several months ago. Saudi Arabia is nervous, so yes, they have training exercises. Who knows what they will eventually do, but so far, like Turkey, they send “terrorist” type fighters into Syria via Turkey.

To answer other frequently asked questions, here are highlights from my article, The Truth about Aleppo:

About a year ago, Saudi Arabia and Turkey created a coalition army, an army with several divisions so it could spread itself throughout Syria. This army is Jaish al-Fateh. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia fund and arm Jaish al-Fateh.

Jaish al-Fateh was immediately successful. Their first offensive captured almost the entire province of Idlib (where they massacred entire villages of Syrian civilians). Jaish al-Fateh has been a major force to contend with because funds and arms are limitless and Turkey funnels weapons into Syria via its borders. There has been an endless supply of well-armed fighters crossing into Syria from the Turkish border at Aleppo province.

Jaish al-Fateh controls the Aleppo border crossing, Bab al-Salam. This is the border crossing that western media is blitzing you with via videos of alleged “refugees”. This is a border totally controlled by Jaish al-Fateh.

Since December 2015, the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces have been able to push back Jaish al-Fateh in the northern parts of Syria (the borders with Turkey). The Syrian Army has been advancing in Aleppo even though Turkey and Saudi Arabia have tried to undermine every advance with added fighters and arms via the Turkish border, most specifically at the Bab al-Salam crossing—controlled by Jaish al-Fateh.

There has been non-stop inflow of new fighters for Jaish al-Fateh, but also for al-Qaeda, and even ISIS, via the Turkish border.

This last two weeks, the Syrian Army, in coordination with the National Defense Forces of Aleppo, which includes Syrian-Kurd and Syrian-Armenian (Christian) troops, have been liberating neighborhoods of Aleppo city from Islamic “opposition” groups.

The Obama Admin, Turkey and Saudi Arabia do not want to lose Aleppo, so you are being blasted with a heavy dose of propaganda.

Last week Saudi Arabia announced it will send ground troops to help the US-backed coalition to fight ISIS. Syria immediately said no because Saudi Arabia not only supplies and funds Jaish al-Fateh, but also al-Qaeda in Syria and their affiliates. It was obvious to the Syrian people that this was another ploy to enter Syria to fight with the various foreign Islamists who inflict terror and impose Islamic Law.

During the last few days the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies, i.e. Kurdish forces, Armenian Christians, and other troops from the National Defense Forces (who actually live in Aleppo) are close to wrapping up the removal of foreign Islamists from Aleppo city. Hence the media blitz of propaganda intensified. It is highly likely that “boots on the ground” will be promoted before the fight for Aleppo is over.

But there’s more: Is there another type of boots on the ground, or ground “invasion” being plotted? Via “refugees”? Most definitely yes.

Aleppo’s Bab al-Salam border crossing is controlled by the Turkish-Saudi army of Jaish al-Fateh. Four other border crossings at the Turkish border are controlled by ISIS.

Jaish al-Fateh and ISIS control who is allowed to cross into Turkey as “refugees”. Give that some thought. For more information, click the link and read the entire article.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.