There’s nothing Syrian about the “Free Syrian Army” terrorists!

The flag of Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus Syria
The flag of Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus Syria

There’s nothing Syrian about the Free Syrian Army terrorist who committed many acts of atrocities who war recently arrested in Lebanon. Here we have a perfect example of a member of the US-backed “Free Syrian Army”.

First of all, he’s not Syrian, he’s Lebanese. This is typical of the Free ‘Syrian’ Army — they are not Syrians.

This young man, Ahmed Ammoun, now aged 26, joined the Free Syrian Army in 2011. Got that year? The start of the Syrian Conflict.

Free “Syrian” Army? From the very beginning, the US was backing “foreign” terrorists in Syria — not an army of Syrians.

The US began by backing the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of Egypt in 2011. Then the US backed the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of Libya.

The end goals for the Egyptian and Libyan Muslim Brotherhood were Islamic Law and a Caliphate, and this was their goal for the entire region–including for Syria. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood made this very clear in their speeches, on their websites, and on all of their social media outlets.

During the period of Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood leaders would make televised speeches, encouraging Egyptians, and all Muslims in the region, to go to Syria to fight for Islamic Law.

We all knew the truth about what was happening — because they announced their goals!

Ahmed Ammoun’s first job with the “Free ‘Syrian’ Army” was a smuggler of terrorists. He smuggled terrorists into Syria to join the “Free Syrian Army”.

Ammoun was then promoted. His next job in the “Free Syrian Army” was to commit terrorist attacks in neighborhoods in Homs.

Ah, so you thought it was “Assad’s” forces who attacked civilian neighborhoods? No—the US-backed “Free Syrian Army” were the first of the many “opposition” groups, to destroy neighborhoods in the larger cities throughout Syria.

But Ammoun is most famous for his sectarian crimes. He committed too many crimes to name here, but one was the brutal torture and slow execution of two Christian monks inside a church in the Syrian village of Jusiah.

The “Free Syrian Army” is famous for their sectarian attacks.

So tell me again — why was the US backing this group? Democracy?

Please tell me, what do sectarian attacks have to do with Democracy?

Ahmed Ammoun exemplifies the “Free Syrian Army” — from the very beginning, in 2011, right up to the present.

When the “Free Syrian Army” lost their hold on the town of Qusair to the “real” Syrian Army, Ammoun began kidnapping civilians and ransoming them for money. Many of his hostages did not live, his brutality killed them before he could receive the money.

Ammoun also participated in a series of large-scale abductions. One of which was the abduction of more than 200 civilians from the town of Rableh. But first, the “Free Syrian Army” cut off the water, electricity and food supply in Rableh and slowly starved the Christians of Rableh. Finally, the “real” Syrian Army was able to liberate Rableh and restore peace–but not until after the “Free Syrian Army” committed many acts of atrocities on the Christians.

By June of 2012, Christians were the primary target of “Free Syrian Army” attacks. This began the Christian exodus from various villages throughout Syria as the “Free Syrian Army” would near their towns and villages. Where did these Christians go? They went to government protected parts of Syria–protected by the Syrian Army–who do not kill their own people.

The “Free Syrian Army” then went to Yabroud, another Christian town, where they joined al-Qaeda in Syria. In Yabroud they blew up the historical Church of Our Lady and the Church of Constantine and Helen. Those Christians who could not escape were forced to pay jizya and live a life of total fear and hell for three years.

After wreaking havoc in Rableh and Yabroud, Ammoun then went to Qalamoun were he began recruiting for al-Qaeda in Syria. By the end of 2012, most all members of the “Free Syrian Army” had joined forces with al-Qaeda in Syria.

Note: Most of the al-Qaeda members travel into Syria via Turkey—al-Qaeda in Syria members are not Syrian.

Then the “real” Syrian Army liberated Qalamoun and Ammoun fled and returned to Lebanon where he joined an ISIS cell in Arsal. There he worked as an instructor in an ISIS training camp, teaching ISIS members how to become suicide bombers. From that time on, he conducted or orchestrated periodic terror attacks in Lebanon.

Yesterday, Ammoun was captured by the Lebanese Army. He was wanted by both the Syrian and Lebanese governments for terrorism. Lebanese citizens had reported suspicious behavior, which led to his arrest.

This to me, is a classic example of an “opposition” fighter in Syria.

He is not Syrian. He is a foreign terrorist who goes to Syria to commit acts of atrocities against Syrian civilians.

And this example clearly demonstrates that from the beginning, in 2011, the US-backed “Free Syrian Army” was never about “freeing” Syrian citizens and forming a democracy—nor was it about giving them a “voice”.

It has always been about Islamists fighting for an Islamic State of Syria against the will of the Syrian people.

Photo credit Wikimedia

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.