The Muslim election campaign has begun

Nothing is at it appears to be: Freedom does not mean Freedom, Peace does not mean Peace.

Muslim Brotherhood Logo
Muslim Brotherhood Logo

According to the Muslim Brotherhood group, CAIR, 73% of registered Muslim voters say they will go to the primary elections. CAIR’s poll also showed that 74% of registered Muslim voters are voting for Clinton or Sanders. (1)

CAIR is now involved in an intensive campaign to boost the numbers of registered Muslim voters by an additional 1 million.

At the annual Muslim Brotherhood conference held in Chicago last month, hosted by the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), both power players for the Muslim Brotherhood, Nihad Awad, Executive Director for CAIR, said:

“I believe we have at least 1 million eligible Muslim voters in this country. We have to register every single Muslim to vote in 2016. The Muslim vote can be the swing vote.” (2)

Since the conference, CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood media outlets, are urging Muslims to turn mosques into voter registration sites.

Awad named Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania as where Muslim votes will really count and called them “battleground states”. He talked about his plan to increase Muslim influence on the election process: “We’re going to meet with presidential candidates on issues of concern to Muslims, and we’re going to negotiate with them.” Awad also said that CAIR would not be the organization that actually endorses the candidate, but that another organization would be set up to promote the pro-Muslim presidential candidate.

Interesting to add here is that the Muslim Brotherhood Chicago conference in which Awad made these statements, had listed Saudi Arabian Sheik Ayed al-Qarni as their key speaker. At the last minute al-Qarni didn’t show up because he was put on a No Fly list. It seems al-Qarni is known for promoting jihad. He is also known for stating that he prays daily for the “destruction of America”. This is the person that was chosen as the conference’s key speaker? This annual Muslim conference includes most every one of the various Muslim Brotherhood organizations and is extremely well attended (there are 100’s of powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations in America—all with enormous numbers of members who show up for this event).

The Muslim Brotherhood advertised al-Qarni as a “renowned Muslim scholar and inspirational speaker. Known for his logical discourse and balanced views, he promotes understanding and collaboration between all people.”

All people? Al-Qarni also has a well-documented history of inciting jihad against Israel and American Christians and Jews in his weekly sermons.

At a US Senate Committee hearing, titled “Terrorism Financing: Origination, Organization, and Prevention”, testimony stated: “Al-Qarni, an adviser to Prince Abdel-Aziz bin Fahd, youngest son of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd, stated that he prays for the destruction of America several times a day. He also urged Saudi subjects to go and fight in Iraq or to contribute money.” (3)

In a 2005 sermon, al-Qarni described jihad against American forces as “a source of pride, downing their planes, destroying equipment, slaughtering them, taking them hostage, and proclaiming ‘Allah Akhbar’ from the mosques, and the worshippers and the preacher cursing them in their prayers…[their] throats must be slit and skulls shattered…” (4)

Al-Qarni has also stated he prays that Allah “will destroy the Jews and their helpers from among the Christians and that He [Allah] will turn them into the Muslim spoils. I praise the Jihad … We curse them, all of them, every night and pray that Allah will annihilate them, tear them apart, and grant us victory over them…” (3) (4)

The Muslim Brotherhood are well-known for their duplicitous and deceitful statements, stating one thing on their Arabic social media, and the opposite on their English sites. But the cover-up of their true motivations and goals can be seen in their various English propaganda social media sites and via their Interfaith organizations in which Jewish and Christian groups are fooled into signing petitions to the Department of Justice that promote biased advantages for Muslims.

It would have been interesting to hear the speech al-Qarni planned to give to the many thousands who attended the MAS-ICNA Conference last month. But after Nihad Awad’s speech at the event, various Muslim Brotherhood organizations have switched gears and are now rallying behind their presidential election campaign, a campaign they have named: “One America”. Is this campaign title just another Muslim Brotherhood tactic to fool unsuspecting Americans?

Is this like their claims that Sheik al-Qarni is “Known for his logical discourse and balanced views, he promotes understanding and collaboration between all people” when in truth, al-Qarni is well-known for stating that American, Jew and Christian “throats must be slit and skulls must be shattered…This is the path to victory … “(4) It seems to me that the Muslim Brotherhood’s true plans for a “One America” is an America without Jews and Christians. And then only “one” main religious group would be left.

At the Conference, CAIR’s Director, Nihad Awad said that a decision of which presidential candidate they will be backing would be made by a Political Action Committee and the committee’s endorsement for president will then be “conveyed by social media to the Muslim community.”

Awad also said: “Turn your Islamic centers, mosques into registration centers for voters, into polling stations during the election time. The kind of America are we going to have depends on you.” Muslims “can determine not only the future of you here, but the future of America itself.” (2)

Mahdi Bray, the director of the American Muslim Alliance, recently spoke at the National Press Club. He said: “Let it be heard, and clearly, to all political candidates … if you engage in Islamophobia, if you engage in demagoguery and bigotry, you will pay a political price because we’re going to register our people and we’re going to use our ballot and we’re going to take our souls to the polls and make sure you are out of there.”

Another Muslim Brotherhood participant at the National Press Club event, Altaf Hussein, vice president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), urged politicians at all levels to engage with Muslims. He said: If you “choose to spew hatred, bigotry, and to vilify Muslim Americans, you do so at your own political risk. We will use every democratic – small d – democratic means and political strategies to ensure that you – your candidacy never succeeds.” (5)

I wonder why he emphasized a “small d ” ?

Meanwhile, the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), which is the base of the Muslim Brotherhood political party in America, and includes a vast number of powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations in its coalition, including (but there are many others): Muslim American Society (MAS); American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), a front group for Hamas; Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR); American Muslim Alliance (AMA); Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which was involved in financing Hamas; Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA); Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA); Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA); and the Mosque Foundation of Chicago, a Hamas front group. These are just a few of the organizations involved in the Muslim Brotherhood political party in America. If you aren’t concerned by this — you should be. These are very dangerous groups.

This coalition of organizations that make up the political party for the Muslim Brotherhood, USCMO, was created partly to sway your congressmen to back Muslim goals. But it has other plans as well. In December USCMO announced a campaign called “Enhance National Security”. Its main focus is to push the Islamophobia agenda to a new level and make Americans kowtow to Islamophobia claims via “civic empowerment initiatives” and by promoting “freedom and justice”.

The use of the words “Freedom” and “Justice” is a classic Muslim trick that the Muslim Brotherhood uses worldwide. According to Islam, only Islamic Law can lead to “Freedom”. And only Islamic Law is “Justice”. So when they say they are promoting “freedom and justice”, they are actually promoting Islamic Law.

Once again the Muslim Brotherhood, announcing its campaign to “Enhance National Security” via “Freedom and Justice” is being duplicitous and devious—they mean the opposite—exactly as they are doing with their “One America” presidential election campaign. “One America” means One America under Islam.

Remember again, Sheik al-Qarni, who was to be their key speaker, and who they described as “a promoter of understanding and collaboration between all people” when instead al-Qarni is known for promoting jihad, the destruction of America, and the death of Christians and Jews. This is the Islamic duplicity that the Muslim Brotherhood excels at. The “collaboration between all people” means “all Muslims” because according to the Quran, non-Muslims are less than human.

As part of USCMO’s “Enhance National Security” campaign, they will be promoting “National Open Mosque Day”. They will be inviting Jews and Christians to mosques throughout America to prove that they are “moderates” and “peaceful”. Many liberals and the ill-informed will fall prey to this trick, and then sadly, they will continue promoting this rhetoric (and that is why mosques will be hosting this event—to get Jews and Christians to back them). The Muslims at these mosques will push their propaganda and also the pity button; i.e. “poor me, I’m being persecuted due to Islamophobia”. The most duplicitous campaign to date is their Islamophobia campaign.

According to USCMO, the “Enhance National Security” campaign is forming “Social Justice Groups”. These groups will interact with minority communities and the poor, “who have faced similar challenges as Muslims”. This is a familiar tactic, usually used first to gain a sense of camaraderie, and to create the impression that Muslims are generous and compassionate, then eventually to persuade members of these minority and poorer communities to convert to Islam. Most every mosque in America has a weekly or monthly visit to prisons and homeless shelters with the sole purpose of promoting conversions to Islam. This has been a tactic of the Muslim Brotherhood in America for decades. And it works.

USCMO will also be conducting “Emergency Preparedness” seminars for Islamic centers and mosques allegedly so that they can prepare for the rising number of hate incidents “due to Islamophobia” that they say is now rising rapidly due to speeches given by presidential candidates like Ben Carson and Donald Trump. This is another act of deviousness. I’ve seen the FBI’s hate crime stats, and Muslims are not the main victims of hate crimes—they have the lowest numbers on the list of hate crime victims. Jews rank the highest. Homosexuals and blacks also rank higher than Muslims as victims of hate crimes.

By slowly making gullible Americans believe that Islamophobia exists, and pushing this agenda via “Open Mosque Day”, “Social Justice Groups”, and “Emergency Preparedness”, Muslims will be given more rights than any group in America; thus, increasing inequality for those Americans who are not Muslim, and this will result in Muslim supremacy—which is the base of Islamic Law. Remember Freedom and Justice? Only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom. Only Islamic Law is Justice. Only “One America” – a Muslim America. Seems their long-term goal has to do with Islamic Law and Muslim supremacy.

USCMO has also announced that it will be hosting its second annual “National Muslim Advocacy Day” in Washington DC in April. They expect many hundreds of Muslim delegates. They state on their social media sites that “the event will connect national and state Muslim organizations with representatives in Congress”.

National Muslim Advocacy Day will focus on promoting a legislative agenda in support of “equality and social justice issues”. There’s that word “justice” again. And equality? Practicing Muslims are forbidden to believe in equality because the Quran clearly outlines that Christians and Jews are not equal to Muslims. Practicing Muslims follow the laws laid out in the Quran. Most all Muslims in America are practicing Muslims. So when they say they are promoting equality and social justice “issues”, I’m thinking they mean justice for Muslims, which means inequality for non-Muslims.

Last year I wrote about the first “National Muslim Advocacy Day” which was the kick off for the Muslim Brotherhood Party in America. More than 280 Muslim delegates met with one third of the House of Representatives and half of the Senate. USCMO says their plan is to double the number of Muslim delegates meeting with elected officials this year.

Chairman of the USCMO Advocacy Day Committee stated: “At a time when Congress is posed to adopt a number of bills that will impact the American Muslim community’s ability to counter violent extremism “on its own terms” and to “travel internationally”, it is important to connect legislators with the Muslim communities … We’ve already demonstrated that Muslims can tip elections in key swing states and ‘move the needle’ in Congress on issues of great importance to our community. Now more than ever, we must work to politically empower Muslims.”

I highly recommend you follow CAIR’s Washington DC website. Many states have CAIR branches, too. Following them will inform you as to what they are doing nationally, and in your city and state. And remember, these groups are masters of deception and duplicity. Some articles will appear to be “against terror”, “for peace”, etc., but that’s the doublespeak they are most famous for. Please remember this:

Terrorism = only when a Muslim is killed
Freedom = only Islamic Law can lead to true freedom
Justice = is only Islamic Law
Peace = when Islam takes over the entire population of the world and Islamic Law is implemented on all

Nothing is at it appears to be: Freedom does not mean Freedom, Peace does not mean Peace.

References and links to CAIR sites can be found here on CheriBerens.

The following was taken off of CAIR’s Washington DC website:

How Does CAIR carry out its mission?

Media Relations
We work with media professionals around America to help shape an accurate image of Islam. CAIR activists also monitor the local, national and international media to challenge negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims.

Conferences and Seminars
We organize conferences and seminars for “media professionals”, “government officials” and the “academic community”. These events are designed to present otherwise unavailable information about Islam and Muslims.

Action Alerts
CAIR issues action alerts to local communities as a means of promoting local activism and generating a grassroots response on important issues. We believe local response is a key factor in making our voices heard.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.