I’m not usually one to say I told you so, but

Despite polling designed to depress the Ted Cruz turnout and having a coronation for Donald Trump, the unprecedented 200,000 voter turnout did not materialize for Herr Hair. Instead, the Texas Senator seems to be putting the band back together. The Reagan coalition from days past is coalescing behind Ted Cruz. Evangelicals, union workers, law enforcement officers, and farmers braved the Iowa snow to caucus for the Constitution and its fiercest defender. Rejecting single payer health care, ethanol subsidies, and childish outbursts and attacks, The Hawkeye State using its position as “first in the nation,” set the tone for the electorate.

Much like 2008, the cult of personality has been trying to silence, shout down, and intimidate anyone who isn’t on board with the preordained winner. Iowans weren’t having it. Instead of doing what the polls and much of the media told them to do, Iowa voters selected the one candidate in the field who told them he will end ethanol subsidies, leveling the playing field in the energy market. They voted for the candidate who’s been consistent on the positions he’s taken, not wavering for the sake of political expediency.

No, the voters of Iowa are not “stupid” as Donald Trump has labeled them; a lot of them are farmers and therefore, well versed in separating the wheat from the chaff.

While watching the surrogates for all of the campaigns this evening, it was abundantly clear the Cruz camp has the strongest. Clear, confident, and articulate, Glenn Beck, Steve King and others spoke to the strengths of Senator Cruz, and his campaign. In a game of turnout, messaging, and momentum, Ted Cruz won the night. This is only one state, but the road to The White House began tonight and Ted Cruz took the biggest step.

Photo credit: FoxNews Screenshot