Ted Cruz, video still
Ted Cruz, video still

We made history on Tuesday night in New Hampshire. The third place finish of Ted Cruz–the only consistent constitutional conservative candidate in the race–sent a strong message to the Washington Cartel.

Of course, the naysayers are out in force trying to disparage and belittle Cruz’s finish. Let me suggest, however, that we conservatives should choose not to listen to them.

Just as in Iowa, the naysayers were wrong about Cruz being unable to win New Hampshire. True, Cruz finished third in New Hampshire, but remember they told us he had no chance at all in the tiny liberal state. And it is worth noting, Cruz was third behind Donald Trump and John Kasich, both of whom are inconsistent conservatives at best, liberals at worst. It’s also worth noting that Cruz came in ahead of establishment darlings Marco Rubio and Chris Christie (who has since dropped out). THAT, my friends, is a WIN for conservatism!

In Iowa and New Hampshire, and all across the nation, we’re seeing the old Reagan Coalition coming together:  conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians; young people, and Reagan Democrats—especially Reagan Democrats—the blue-collar working-class voters who the Democratic Party has abandoned.
If Republicans are going to win in November 2016—and we have to win for the sake of our kids and our grandkids—if we’re going to win, we have to ‘welcome home’ the Reagan Democrats.

Yes, it’s true Cruz brought out the old Reagan Democrats in New Hampshire, but more importantly, he energized these voters by consistently standing for conservative principles.

We must stand unequivocally against amnesty. We cannot win by nominating a candidate with the same policy on amnesty as Hillary Clinton.

We need to be unequivocally against Obamacare. We cannot win by nominating a candidate with the same policy on Obamacare as Bernie Sanders.

And for Pete’s sake, we don’t need more [deals]. We don’t need more capitulation and surrender to Hary Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

We certainly don’t need a dealmaker in the White House. We have enough of those in Congress. We need a principled proven leader who stands with We The People against the deals and corruption that have become so commonplace in Washington. Ted Cruz stands with us and yesterday in New Hampshire Cruz stood with us and defended our conservative principles.

What were these conservative principles Iowa and New Hampshire—two completely different political animals–stood for and defended with Cruz?

We must defend the Constitution; defend life, marriage, and religious liberty. And [we must] always defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Conservatives know we must defend the Constitution, life, marriage, and religious liberty. We also know we need our Supreme Court justices to apply the Constitution faithfully in every case that comes before them. Since the next president may have the opportunity to appoint four or five new justices to the court, it’s critical we have a constitutional conservative in the White House. Ted Cruz understands this and will appoint those constitutionally faithful justices that we so desperately need.

A critical question the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire had to ask themselves is who is prepared to be Commander-in-Chief? Cruz’s campaign ground game and his data game are second to none and while leading an impressive campaign army of over 200,000 volunteers is not the exact same thing as leading our military, it does speak to his ability to surround himself with extremely capable and knowledgeable staff. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Cruz pledged to rebuild our military, always stand with our men and women in uniform, honor our veterans and keep this nation safe.

Who has the judgement, the temperament, the experience, the knowledge, the clarity of vision, the strength of resolve to stand by our friends and allies and to defeat our enemies—to defeat radical Islamic terrorism?

Who indeed? Iowa and New Hampshire have shown us that Ted Cruz is unflappable and willing to stand up to powerful forces even when it’s not the most popular position to hold. In Iowa, he stood up to Big Ethanol and Iowa’s governor—and won—and that is why his victory in Iowa and a better-than-expected finish in New Hampshire, should bring a smile to every conservative’s face.

The Washington Cartel utterly terrified..we’ve put Washington on the run and tonight’s outcome is a victory for We The People.

Where do we go from here? It’s now on to South Carolina and Nevada and Super Tuesday where Ted Cruz is better positioned than any other GOP candidate for a chain of victories the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades!

So take heart my fellow conservatives! Iowa and New Hampshire are signs of great things to come! Don’t believe the naysayers. Keep telling the truth with a smile like the Happy Warriors we are while counting the victories as we make history!

WATCH Ted Cruz’s whole speech here:

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