Richard Dreyfuss spotted at a Ted Cruz event, then this happened…

Hollywood Blvd Sign
Hollywood Blvd Sign

Richard Dreyfuss was recently spotted at a Ted Cruz event and Liberal talkers went bonkers. Not that he came out publicly in support of Cruz. He just attended the event. In the midst of all the commotion, Dreyfuss’ son “penned” an insightful blog post. Here’s a little excerpt with a strong recommendation that you read the whole thing. It’s worth it…

If you can’t stand to listen to an idea, it does not prove that you oppose it. Refusing to show interest in a different perspective should not serve as a badge of pride in your own ideas. It actually serves the exact opposite function. It proves that you don’t even understand your own opinion. If you can’t understand the argument you disagree with, then you don’t have the right to disagree with it with any authority, nor do you really have a grasp on what your own idea means in its context.

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