Pastors pray for Hillary Clinton’s victorious campaign

Hillary Clinton, prayer from black pastors
Hillary Clinton, prayer from black pastors

A group of African-American ministers “laid hands” on Hillary Clinton and prayed for her success run at the White House. LifeSiteNews reported:

“President-to-Be Clinton, we decree and declare from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet that the favor of the Lord will surround you like a shield, in Jesus’s name.”

I have to wonder… did they also ask her to stop advocating for abortion, because last I checked, the Bible is crystal clear that God is against murder!

How God’s leaders can back Hillary and her pro-choice, abortion until the very end of the 3rd-trimester agenda is beyond me.

Christians, it’s time to wake up and hold your leaders accountable. They aren’t perfect and are subject to mistakes just like the rest of us. They are also accountable to their congregations as well as their leadership. So call them out on it and show them the error of their ways. Silence is agreement and we’ll all have to answer to that one day.


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