Obama set to destroy more allies in Middle East & North Africa

Egypt, US Relations, John Kerry, Secretary of State
Egypt, US Relations, John Kerry, Secretary of State

For the last several months, Egypt has been battling ISIS in the Sinai. Though ISIS officially resides in the Sinai, they often attack Cairo, mostly with improvised explosive devices (IED). And of course, we deal with similar terror attacks from the Muslim Brotherhood on a weekly, or at best, monthly basis.

It has been estimated that over half of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood members have joined ISIS, and about 25% have joined al-Qaeda; they state on their Arabic website, to be “more effective” in their cause—which is inflicting Islamic Law on the world.

The fighting in the Sinai has caused daily loss of life for our Egyptian Armed Forces. Every single day someone I know has had a family member die in the battles with ISIS in the Sinai. For several months ISIS in Libya has entered Egypt’s western desert and has attacked some small oasis villages and have infiltrated many more areas in the western desert territory.

I have five nephews in the Egyptian Armed Forces: 3 Army, 1 Navy and 1 Air Force. So I am very alert to loss of life in the fight against ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. So far, I have been blessed that none of my family have been killed in these battles.

Everyone in Egypt, including me, believes America caused the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt. And we watched as America interfered in Libya, resulting in the Muslim Brotherhood takeover there, too. Having borders with Libya means that many family members and friends went to Libya to work, so we are quite in tune with what happens in Libya. Now the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya have joined ISIS and ISIS has completely overwhelmed Libya. And because of this, Egypt faces attacks from ISIS coming from Libya.

I have written extensively about the Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric infiltrating every news media you have in America. Words are taken directly off of their website and their social media sites and your media repeats it as “truth”. When the Muslim Brotherhood speaks of Syria they use words like “regime”, “opposition”, and “Assad Forces”. They flood you with lies and back it with those words. There is no regime; the ‘opposition’ are actually foreign Islamists; and the people are the “force”, not Assad; i.e. the people of Syria are fighting the Islamic takeover of Syria.

Have you noticed lately that when your media talks of Egypt they say “Sisi Regime”, “Regime Forces”, and “Martial Law”? These are words of propaganda directly off of the Muslim Brotherhood social media to make you oppose Egypt. I live here. There is no martial law. There are no regime forces.

Syria and Egypt are the last of the Muslim-dominant countries who whole-heartedly support their secular system of government, of equality and religious rights, and the protection of Christians. And Egypt and Syria also supports women. Name one other Muslim dominant country that supports the rights of women.

Egypt recently elected many women into Parliament. And this time, now that the Muslim Brotherhood have been banned, these women are women who do not wear a headscarf, who are well-educated and who have the backing of the Egyptian people. Does your news tell you about these impressive women? Of course not.

No, your media wants you to think Egypt is under Martial Law … “regime forces” …. “Sisi regime” … PROPAGANDA.

Why is this propaganda happening?

If you’ve read my reports, you see there is a major change happening in Syria that is pro-Christian, pro-democracy, pro-freedom. Now Libya is facing the same thing. And Egypt supports freedom and democracy.

The US is getting involved in Libya again. The excuse is ISIS, but like the US involvement in Syria, ISIS has only grown more powerful since the US involvement. Egypt’s Secretary of State, Sameih Shokri, said a few days ago, regarding the US media quoting Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric off their website and social media: “Forget about the words [propaganda] of the Muslim Brotherhood, and respect the voice of the Libyan people”.

And what do the Libyan people say and want? Get the Islamist groups out!

But what is the Obama Admin doing? Supporting every Islamist “opposition” group there is. So Libyans and Egyptians want America to get out of Syria and Libya.

The Obama Admin has been backing Turkey and Saudi Arabia in Syrian affairs (please catch up with my last few articles). Turkey right now is backing the Islamist groups in Libya. The Libyan people, like Egyptians and Syrians, do not want Islamic Law. They want Christians and other minority groups to live freely without fear.

Egypt has spent the last two weeks in talks with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emerites (UAE). If you haven’t read my latest articles, I explain how Saudi Arabia and Turkey have created and supplied “opposition” groups with endless arms and militants from the Turkish border, “opposition” groups who have massacred entire villages of Syrian civilians.

Saudi Arabia wanted to send ground troops to Syria. Egypt said no. The UAE had been talked into it by Saudi Arabia, but as of yesterday, February 9, Egypt said “You are on your own if you do—Egypt stands against it”.

Russia offered help in Egypt’s involvement with Libya. For now, Egypt said No. Why? Because “We don’t want the Obama Admin to use Russia as an excuse to destroy what the Libyan people want.”

Egypt’s Secretary added, “Take care of Syria for now.”

ISIS in Libya killed 21 Egyptians (who were working in Libya) in February 2015—a year ago.

Two weeks ago—one year since the beheadings of the 21 Egyptians in Libya, Egypt rescued 20 Egyptians from ISIS in Libya.

It’s personal.

And quite frankly, it always has been. Because Egypt has always been against the Muslim Brotherhood ideological Islamist terror groups. It originated in Egypt and Egypt thoroughly understand it for what it is and is at war against it.

For several months ISIS has controlled Sirte, Libya. Sirte controls the oil in Libya and ISIS has been sending its oil to Turkey. Turkey supports the ISIS ideology whole-heartedly. Has any American, any reader of my articles ever read any of Erdogan’s speeches? Of course not—your media never reports the truth.

Right now, because Egypt told Saudi Arabia and UAE “no”, Egypt is expecting clashes with the Obama Admin. Maybe a bump up of propaganda: “Marital Law” “Sisi Regime”, etc. Don’t you believe it. I live here. I breathe it.

The Obama Admin is about to destroy more allies in the mid-east/north Africa. These are allies much needed by the American people because if this region of the world is taken by Islamists, their brainwashing will form the most largest, destructive force there has ever been.

Photo credit US Dept. of State

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.