Media Propaganda: Are they lying to us about Syria?

US and Saudi Arabia are allies in the Islamist takeover of Syria.

Inner Gate of the Aleppo Citadel, Syria
Inner Gate of the Aleppo Citadel, Syria

On the State Department’s website, Secretary of State Kerry posted a statement that the Syrian “regime” is “besieging” civilians. Like our last Secretary of State, Kerry is a liar.

Another pro-Islamist propaganda campaign has begun–only you probably don’t recognize it because the media is blitzing you with confusing images–along with the lies. And that combo will be deadly for America.

First, let’s use words that depict the truth: The Syrian “people” are fighting “terrorists”. Who are the terrorists? The US-backed “opposition” groups. And those “opposition” groups are losing–hence this latest propaganda campaign.

This latest onslaught of propaganda about Aleppo, and showing you refugees fleeing to the border, is meant to deter you from the truth. Here’s the truth: The US-backed “opposition” are foreign Islamist terror groups and they are the ones destroying Aleppo, Homs and other Syrian cities. And the people who are in control of the border crossings are “opposition” groups (the terrorists). The Islamist groups have total control of the border crossings and these terrorist groups decide who they let leave Syria (more on the border crossings in my next article).

The primary US-backed “opposition” group is the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army joined al-Qaeda and has been fighting alongside al-Qaeda starting in 2012. Up until October 2015, ISIS and al-Qaeda were succeeding at taking full control of Syria. They had captured about 75% of Syria, and due to so many foreign armies attacking every city and town throughout Syria, the Syrian Armed Forces were spread too thin to stop them from taking all of Syria.

Since Russia joined the fight against Islamic terrorism on September 30, 2015, the Syrian people are beginning to win the war against the foreign Islamists. This includes defeating the US-backed Islamist groups, most specifically, the Free Syrian Army.

So what does the US do? They don’t want to lose this battle they’ve started–they want the Islamists to win. So they tell you “regime forces” are “besieging” civilians. They show you photos of cities that were destroyed by the Islamist groups—but tell you it was done by a “regime”. They never tell you who makes up the Syrian Armed Forces–that they are Syrian people from every sector of society. Nor do they tell you that the vast majority of the National Defense Forces are volunteers. This is not the definition of a “regime” force. People do not volunteer to serve in “regime” forces.

Would a “regime force” allow volunteers from these sectors of society: Circassians, Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, Iraqis, Yazidi and Druze? Syria is one of the most diverse countries in the world because they have taken in refugees during every major war or conflict and encouraged these various refugees to become Syrian citizens–which they did. These are the Syrian nationals who are now fighting for the Syria they love. These are the people who make up the Armed Forces.

The National Defense Forces are volunteer-based units of the Army, but their regiments are allowed to remain in their home region to fight for their own land and communities. When the media continuously calls this a “regime” force, it is propaganda at its finest.

For example: Aleppo city has an extremely large Armenian population, so there are large numbers of Christians fighting in Aleppo right now against the Islamist groups. But Aleppo is large and diverse and there are other communities in Aleppo that are also in the National Defense Forces of Aleppo and they fight side-by-side to take back Aleppo from the Islamists. The majority of National Defense Forces fighting in Aleppo live in Aleppo; they have family in Aleppo; they have businesses and livelihood in Aleppo.

I’ll ask again: Can this be called “Regime Forces?

Last week foreign Islamist groups bombed the Aleppo Citadel, a historical treasure. The media accused the Syrian Armed Forces. How absurd! Syrians do not blow up their own neighborhoods; and they do not blow up treasured historical sites.

But the Islamists do.

Kerry, via the Obama Admin, accuses Russia of targeting “opposition” forces. These “opposition” forces are foreign Islamists fighting with al-Qaeda and other terror groups—so scratch that word “opposition” and replace it with “Terrorist”—because that’s what they are.

Russia uses hi-tech pinpoint targeting and hits terrorist weapon stockpiles, training camps and hideouts, and have never targeted civilians. Whereas, the US coalition has repeatedly hit hospitals, electricity plants (depriving Aleppo of electricity) and other various civilian infrastructure, resulting in the loss of many civilian lives and creating horrible conditions for the people of Aleppo.

Last week, outrage was expressed by the Syrian people because terrorist groups are being allowed to have a voice in the Geneva talks. The members of these “opposition” groups are not Syrian citizens and have no right to attempt to enforce Islamic Law. And now they are being allowed to participate in talks about Syria’s future! How absurd! These groups attack Syrian civilians on a daily basis. They should not be allowed to participate in Syria’s future. Only groups of Syrian nationals should be allowed in the Geneva talks.

Last week a Russian spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, stated that “achieving armistice in Syria requires finalizing lists of terrorist organizations”.
This makes sense. The terrorist list must be finalized first and terrorists should be removed from the Geneva talks. Foreign Islamist groups, who attack civilian neighborhoods, and at times, massacre entire villages, should not be allowed to participate. The outcome of Syria’s future should be decided by Syrians.

One of the “opposition” groups that was allowed to participate in Geneva is a Salafi-Wahhabi group from Saudi Arabia, who are in Syria fighting to enforce Islamic Law in Syria. Why are they allowed at the Geneva talks? Because the US and Saudi Arabia are allies in the Islamist takeover of Syria.

A few days ago Saudi Arabia announced that they will be sending troops to Syria to fight in the battle against ISIS. But since Saudi Arabia is participating in the Islamist “opposition” (terrorist) groups, groups that are forcing Islamic Law and killing Syrian civilians, doesn’t it seem a bit ridiculous to allow more Saudi Arabians into Syria? Since they believe in enforcing Islamic Law? Who would know whether they are fighting against ISIS or if they are there to join the other Islamic terror groups who are enforcing Islamic Law?

The Syrian people do not want Islamic Law. They currently have a system of political parties, elected Parliament, a Constitution guaranteeing them equality and freedoms, and, an Armed Forces dedicated to fighting for those principals. If a foreign country sends groups to fight in Syria—they should be fighting with Syria against the foreign Islamist groups trying to enforce Islamic Law. So far, the only country doing this—fighting with and for the Syrian people—is Russia.

The US needs to get out, and so does Saudi Arabia—they are fighting with the foreign Islamist terrorists against the Syrian people. It is no different than if Saudi Arabia and other foreign armies came into America to create an Islamic Law state of America.

On February 2nd, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that “Jaish al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham are terrorist organizations” and that they should not be recognized as “negotiating partners”. Russia is correct. Jaish al-Islam is the Saudi Arabian “Army of Islam”; it is a terrorist group. And so is Ahrar al-Sham–they are foreigners who behead, crucify and commit other atrocities on the Syrian people.

This new, but ongoing wave of propaganda about the “regime” attacking civilians and destroying Aleppo and other cities comes at a time when the Syrian Armed Forces are finally taking back their country from the Islamist terrorist groups. This means the US-backed “opposition” and Saudi Arabian Salafi terror groups are losing. There is a reason why the US wants you to believe these lies and I’m sure it will become apparent quite soon.

** More about who has control of the border crossing in a separate article.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.