Hillary’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

Hillary Clinton, US Department of State
Hillary Clinton, US Department of State

Most of you know that I follow Muslim Brotherhood members and groups in America. They mostly back Hillary and Bernie. The few that are Republican are pushing Rubio. I’ll be writing about Rubio within the next few days. Meanwhile, I heard this news about Hillary.

Hillary snuck into Beaumont, Texas last week to accept donations from a large group of Pakistani Muslims. Many of you know, there is a jihadi camp in Texas that was started by the Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood. Her ties with Muslim Brotherhood creep me out. It should creep everyone out.

Four years ago Hillary had Muslim Brotherhood member, Muhammad Morsi, ex-president of Egypt (and now in prison for murder and terrorism), speak a few times at Clinton Foundation events to raise money–massive amounts of money–both American and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members filled the auditoriums at these events.

But also, the “Official English Spokesperson” for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Jihad Haddad, worked in a management position in the Clinton Foundation’s New York office for 5 years. That was during the period of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt and in Libya and also during the period of the Benghazi weapons smuggling and murders of our Americans in Benghazi.

I followed Jihad Haddad’s statements as “Official English Spokesperson” for two years during the worse period of Muslim Brotherhood violence. Each and every statement was a total lie about what was really happening in Egypt. Jihad’s father, an MB leader, was arrested for murder and terrorism. And not long after, Jihad was also arrested. He is still in prison for terrorism and conspiracy against the state of Egypt.

The private Pakistani fundraiser for Hillary at the home of a Pakistani businessman, raised a half a million dollars. This is just one of many Muslim groups who have supported her campaign. Very scary stuff if you ask me.

See the news account and video here.

Photo credit US Dept of State

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.