Hillary: $150,000? That’s chump change!

Not when your net worth is $111 million! She ain't no Middle Class.

Hillary Clinton, Caricature
Hillary Clinton, Caricature

An anti-fracking environmental group is none-to-pleased with Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, after misleading voters about her ties to the “evil” fossil fuel industry and then saying the six-figure contributions she’s received from them is “not very much” money.

The comment comes shortly after Clinton, who, during a campaign stop at a bowling alley, played the class warfare card by asking Republicans if “You want to stand with the wealthy against our own people?”

You mean ‘wealthy’ as in ‘$150,000 isn’t very much money’ kind of wealthy?

Via Greenpeace:

A presidential candidate just said she believes receiving $150,000 from the fossil fuel industry is “not very much” money. But what will her supporters think?

At a recent campaign event, Hillary Clinton made a questionable statement about her ties to the fossil fuel industry. When pressed by a 350 Action supporter about why her campaign had received $150,000 from fossil fuel interests, she said “When you’ve raised $120 million, $150,000 is not very much.”

If your reaction to the idea of $150,000 from fossil fuel interests not being much is ‘sorry, WHAT?’ you are not alone.

According to an analysis by Money Nation, Hillary’s net-worth is roughly $31.3 million while her husband adds an additional $80 million.

$111 million total – a total that makes $150,000 look like chump change – yet she claims the mantle of being able to relate to low- or middle-income families.

Reprinted with permission from MentalRecession via LibertyAlliance

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