GOP Primary Dawn of Justice

Only a united GOP can defeat the Legion of Doom Democrats.

The movie Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice comes out next year. If you have ever read comics you can predict the outcome of the movie. Superman and Batman, the top two superhero icons of DC Comics, duke it out. But then they realize there is a more sinister force that is dangerous to all of humanity. Eventually, Superman and Batman will join forces and defeat this terror.

I actually recommend this movie to every GOP candidate. Being an American who lives in Israel and watching the presidential race from the outside would be equivalent to Israel being the Green Lantern Corps, fully aware of what lies ahead. I can’t believe how much hatred I am seeing from the candidate supporters, especially since we are supposed to be on the same team. The attacks from the candidates are no better.

You have your top two candidates, Trump and Cruz. Cruz reminds me of Superman with his knowledge of the Constitution. He is the most conservative of all candidates, one who will no doubt fight for truth, justice and the American way. Trump, the billionaire bad-ass who is not afraid of anyone, resembles Batman. We need to get these two to encourage their supporters to stay on the same team, as well as themselves. No more attacks. Just work on your campaign so we can team up after the primary to go against the forces of evil.

The diabolical President Barrack Obama, Lex Luthor, has turned America upside down. Never has the country been in so much debt, there’s so much unemployment, and racial tensions are running higher than in recent history since he began his Presidency.

Over the past couple of years, Obama has been doing business with the Iranian regime, the head of the snake of terrorism. Darkseid would be the Ayatollah Khamenei. Within less than two years, thanks to the Joker, John Kerry, with Harlequin, Hillary Clinton, they submitted to the regime and this deal which puts the whole world in danger.

As an American living in the Middle East, I see things from a different perspective. I get to see more of what goes on than America’s mainstream media puts out. For instance, here in Israel, radical Islamic terrorist attacks happen daily. I understand and relate to what Israel’s leaders are warning about Iran.Either Iran is manipulating the Obama Administration and the United Nations (U.N.) or they are working with them.  Being this close to the now modern day enemy of humanity.

Either Iran is manipulating the Obama Administration and the United Nations (U.N.) or they are working with them. Being this close to the modern day enemy of humanity, I am acutely aware of what they are capable of, and this debate can not be a distraction.

Bernie, the Doomsday, Sanders was supportive of the dangerous Iran deal. Imagine Hillary Clinton, with her irresponsible leadership at Benghazi, having more power. More lives will be lost. America can’t afford to let these people be elected into office.

Only a united GOP can defeat the Legion of Doom Democrats. Working together with all Republican supporters we can help educate Liberals and open their eyes to the dangers that lie ahead. GOP, it’s time to unite and defend America!


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