GOP Debate Recap: Saturday Night Squabbles

Church, Winter
Church, Winter

For once the GOP Debate was on my TV and I didn’t have to livestream it. However, I think CBS did a terrible job of moderating compared to FOX. Cruz and Trump attacked each other rather than focusing on the issues at hand. They allowed things to get out of hand several times, such as Rubio and Cruz arguing over whether they could speak Spanish. South Carolina stage sure had its share of squabbles, and in a week, people in that state declare who they want to nominate for Republican candidate. Carson was left in the background and Kasich only garnered a couple of questions.

There was also a moment of silence for the passing of SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia, but Trump didn’t bow his head for the moment of silence. Also, Cruz was corrected by a moderator when he said no Justice had been nominated in an election year.

To each his own…the field is narrowing.

Photo Credit: Christy Hidalgo

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