Doritos commercial not so funny if you’re pro-abortion

Pro-life tactic humanizes fetuses.

Doritos commercial, Baby, Labor, video still
Doritos commercial, Baby, Labor, video still

I can’t believe that this is even a thing that we have to discuss. But, this is where we are in modern America: a place where liberal scolds believe they need to weigh in on every thing that offends them… even a commercial for a popular snack food.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday night, one of the more popular new commercials to air was a Doritos ad showing a couple during an ultrasound appointment. The ad opens with the mother sitting on the exam table, an ultrasound technician holding an ultrasound wand over the mother’s belly, and the father standing idly to the side eating Doritos. As the commercial continues, the mother grows indignant that the father is eating during her appointment, when the father notices that the baby is reacting to his Doritos. It’s at this point that things get hilarious as the father teases the baby by holding out a Dorito and then moving it around the mother’s belly.

Watch as the hilarity unfolds:

Funny, right?

Not for the abortion extremists at NARAL…

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