Ceasefire? Doubtful… and here’s why.

Kurdish YPG Fighters
Kurdish YPG Fighters

Currently, there are ten major frontlines of fighting in Syria–and each frontline is crucial.

There are more than ten foreign “opposition” groups (armies) fighting inside Syria to take down the current system of government and replace it with Islamic Law and Sharia Courts — which is what these groups do whenever they capture a village or town.

Most of the attacks conducted by these groups start as terror attacks on civilians, and then the Syrian Armed Forces respond. The invasion of these foreign “opposition” groups grew so large that the Islamists were able to take control of approximately 70% of Syria.

Since Russia joined the fight against the foreign Islamists inside Syria, the Syrian Armed Forces have been able to consistently liberate towns and villages from Islamist control. During the last several months, after a town has been liberated from Islamists, the townspeople are armed and trained by the Syrian Army so the townspeople can defend their own towns and remain free of Islamists. This allows the Syrian Army to move on to other major frontlines.

Because the Syrian people are beginning to turn the tide of this war and regain their country, the “opposition” groups and their supporters are resorting to various acts of deviousness and have bumped up their propaganda campaigns.

The alleged “ceasefire” talks reported in western media are being met with much skepticism by the Syrian people. This is because the US-backed Free Syrian Army, together with al-Qaeda in Syria (who joined forces well over a year ago), joined forces with ISIS yesterday in Aleppo province. The overall consensus of most Syrians is that the other foreign “opposition” groups will now be tempted to join the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, for a final attack on Aleppo.

It is highly doubtful that any of the “opposition” groups will obey the “ceasefire”. These are not trustworthy groups that would “honor” a ceasefire promise if they thought they could use it as a chance to re-group, collaborate, and pounce. These are people with no conscience. They behead, crucify, amputate, torture, rape, and drown innocent civilians on a daily basis.

During the last two weeks, Turkey has allowed over 1000 new Islamist fighters to cross over into Syria via the border crossing of Bab al-Salam. On February 22, Turkey allowed another enormous number of Jaish al-Fateh fighters to enter Azaz (north of Aleppo city) via the Turkish border. Ceasefire? Doubtful.

Furthermore, there are terrorist attacks on Syrian civilians by members of “opposition” groups every day in Syria. At one point I had planned on reporting these terror attacks so that westerners could fully understand what Syrian civilians go through on a daily basis–but there are too many of them to report–I could not keep up. These “opposition” groups often target schools and market places. The civilians that are killed and maimed in these attacks are mostly women and children.

On February 21, there were three terror attacks that resulted in the death of 83 civilians and injured 178. Opposition groups committed the attacks, therefore it was not well reported in western news. If the attacks had happened in France or the US, it would have been reported non-stop for several days. And there would have been outrage.

I can only conclude once again that Western media is totally controlled by Islamist “opposition” propagandists and pro-Muslim Brotherhood media sources.

The Ongoing – and very crucial — Battle for Aleppo
Overall, the Syrian Armed Forces have made enormous progress in Aleppo province, and in Aleppo city as well. But there have been recent setbacks. The joining of the US-backed Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda and ISIS, has been a powerful force for the Syrian Armed Forces to combat.

The Syrian Army’s two supply routes into Aleppo were cut off and captured by ISIS on February 22. At present, members of the Syrian Army and the local branches of the National Defense Forces are trapped at an area along the Hama-Aleppo Highway. On February 23, ISIS captured the town of Khanasser (south of Aleppo city), along the Hama-Aleppo highway.

Special Ops forces have been sent in to recapture Kanasser and remedy the situation to free up the Syrian Armed Forces who are trapped at that location.

While western media will tell you “Assad Forces” target civilians, this is untrue. Neighborhoods of Damascus have been targeted by the US-backed Free Syrian Army since 2011, causing many deaths of civilians and much destruction of the city’s infrastructure. The Free Syrian Army, and other “opposition” groups, are no different than ISIS. Women and children were rounded up in a neighborhood of Damascus and put in a cage to deter Syrian Forces from entering the neighborhood to rescue them. The hostages will be machine-gunned down if a rescue attempt is made. This type of war crime committed by opposition groups has been ongoing yet western media does not report it. Western media is controlled by the opposition media outlets.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.