Assad the Christian Crusader

Bashar Al-Assad, President, Damascus, Syria
Bashar Al-Assad, President, Damascus, Syria

On February 8, the Islamist group created by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Jaish al-Fateh, a terrorist group that is supplied with endless arms and fighters via the Turkish border, issued a fatwa (Islamic Law) stating that anyone caught delivering or smuggling any type of humanitarian aid to the towns of Kafraya and al-Foua will be executed (beheaded).

This fatwa was issued because humanitarian aid was finally being delivered to the “opposition” held town of Madaya, in which the “opposition” groups have been starving the people for months.

On February 9, other foreign “opposition” groups decided to issue the same fatwa. Harakat Ahrar al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army have been holding the town of Madaya captive for months, depriving its civilians of food and aid. You may remember the propaganda that it was the “Assad Regime” who was refusing aid, but this was yet another lie to fool you. Madaya has been under total control of the “opposition” groups for many months.

The “opposition” groups distributed before and after photos of a very beautiful young girl alleging that “Assad” was starving her and the civilians of Madaya. The propaganda went viral and more uncalled hatred for Assad resulted (which is their goal in order to sway you into backing the US-backed coalition—which backs the Islamist groups).

But, Madaya’s “Mona Lisa”, as the western media named her, was debunked by the girls parents who contacted various news media and proved to them that the photo was their daughter, who was not homeless, nor starving, and who had never been to Syria. She’s Lebanese, healthy, happy, and the photo was taken off of the family’s Facebook page.

Did any of the western media recant the story? No, of course not. In fact the girl’s photo was used for weeks afterwards, so that westerners would continue to believe that “Assad Forces” were starving Madaya’s civilians.

Yesterday, Harakat Ahrar and Free Syrian Army once again refused to allow humanitarian aid into Madaya. Many citizens of Madaya need medical aid as the “opposition” groups have shut down all medical facilities, at times even shutting down electric and water sources. The “opposition” groups, like Jaish al-Fateh, have threatened to execute anyone attempting to aid Madaya. And yesterday, they machinegun fired on a Syrian Red Crescent and Red Cross delegation that was attempting to evacuate seriously ill civilians.

In the fatwa Assad is called a “Crusader”. This is because over the last several weeks, the Syrian Army has liberated several Christian villages from Islamists in northern Aleppo. Not only had the “opposition” been starving the people in those villages, but were conducting group beheadings in their churches, and forcing the villagers to watch. The “opposition” was also slow drowning villagers in buckets of water.

Assad is being called a Crusader. Give that some thought the next time you hear more propaganda.

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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.