An Invitation, and Challenge, for Donald Trump from an American in Israel

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump was on the Hannity show talking about Israel and saying how he will help defend Israel if needed. Normally I would have been ecstatic to know that he would be understanding of our situation and has a clear knowledge what goes on here; knowing who the key players and their agendas.  Well, with Mr. Trump I need more convincing, and here are the reasons why I don’t have a warm and fuzzy.

Since the beginning of the election, he has made a few controversial comments about Israel which, being an Israeli citizen, do not sit well with me. He spoke at a Jewish Republican convention few months ago to talk about Israel, and he stated that he does not rule out the idea of dividing Jerusalem. As a Jew, Israel means the world to me and that is a huge no-no. He was, in fact, booed when he mentioned this outrageous concept.

I also didn’t like the fact that there were stereotypical comments made at the convention which, I am sure, if other candidates had made, would have gotten them in hot water. Antisemitism is antisemitism no matter who you are.  It shouldn’t always matter if one person in the family has converted to Judaism; look at Sanders, he was born a Jew and would be disastrous for Israel.

Trump also spoke about the fact that Israel would have to make “certain sacrifices for peace”…

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