America’s Next President: We get the leaders we deserve

President Obama
President Obama

In 2007 a man stepped up to run for President telling us he supported the U.S. Constitution, he was a Christian, he was a uniting influence, he would defeat our enemies, solve our problems and uphold the rule of law.

The moment he swore the oath to defend and protect the Constitution, he began undermining it. He said one thing, and did the opposite, over and over. He broke the law, time and again. He submitted to our enemies and attacked our faith traditions. And he created and aggravated deep divisions, fanning the flames of anger, fear and suspicion.

Consequently we have suffered serial failures and experienced decline on every front, and, we face more serious defeats right around the corner, economically, and on the battlefield.

Today, another man steps forward running for President. He claims to be a Christian. He says he supports the Constitution. He assures us he will uphold the rule of law, our faith traditions, acting as a uniting influence.

Yet in the last seven months we’ve learned he does not know what the Constitution says, he does not understand what it means to be a Christian…

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