This Hurts… Feds Spend Millions To Build This For Wrong Agency

President Obama, On The Phone, Oval Office
President Obama, On The Phone, Oval Office

Last July, Barack Obama appeared (as he has done embarrassingly often in two terms as president) on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

On this particular occasion, the president declared confidently that “government works better now than it probably ever has, given what we ask it to do.”

For an example of how well big government is working, flash forward to Exhibit A:

According to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office, the General Services Administration (GSA) designed a $75 million federal law enforcement facility so unsuited to what the intended occupants needed that they couldn’t use the building when it was completed.

Read the rest of this story on what happened in this governmental SNAFU at Liberty Unyielding via Liberty Alliance.

Photo credit US Embassy New Zealand

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