Supreme Court US 2010
Supreme Court US 2010

“We hold the power, and bear the responsibility. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1862


Ted Cruz is the only candidate in either the Republican or Democrat field I trust with our future Supreme Court justice appointments. Period.

While that may seem like a dramatic statement, 2016 is the most important election of our lifetime. I know, I know, someone says this every election cycle, but consider this – The current president has appointed two committed leftists to the Supreme Court during his reign. He’s done equal, if not arguably more, damage in the lower courts.

At the swearing in of our next president:  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 83 years old, and we know she suffers from significant health issues; Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy will each be 80 years old; Justice Stephen Breyer will be 78. Out of these older Justices, Scalia is the only reliable conservative. Therefore, if we elect the wrong president in 2016, the High Court will be forever altered, and in turn, this nation will become unrecognizable as it was founded.

When I say “wrong” president, I’m not limiting my criticism to one party. I believe both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be the “wrong” presidents for this time in history.

Let’s look at a few of the disastrous results of having the “wrong” president appoint Supreme Court justices:

  • D.C. v Heller, the key provision of Citizens United v FEC, Kelo v the City of New London, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, and Obergefell v Hodges are each an example of recent close 5-4 decisions dealing with the fundamental freedoms enjoyed by all Americans.
  • In Heller (2nd Amendment), Burwell, and Citizens United (1st Amendment), Justice Kennedy concurred with the conservative majority, even authoring an opinion in the latter that upheld the Constitution–and the will of The People.
  • In Obergefell (14th Amendment) and Kelo (5th Amendment), the Constitution and the citizenry were not so fortunate. Justice Kennedy sided with the liberal majority in Obergefell by finding a magical provision granting the federal government jurisdiction over marriage, usurping the 10th Amendment, not to mention the will of voters.
  • In Kelo, liberals took away the fundamental freedom of private property rights in this particular case, however, Kelo can and will be used as precedent in future disputes that will inevitably arise.

The Kelo case brings me to candidate Donald Trump, who celebrates the decision to take away citizens’ property rights. Aside from the fact that Trump is not a true conservative, and has only been a Republican for 15 minutes, his celebration demonstrates a mindset we can little afford after eight damaging years of Obama rule. We just cannot afford more damage.

Why is it that we wait with baited breath every time a landmark case is presented to the Supreme Court? The decisions always seem like common sense to conservatives, but time and again, we are disappointed by a result that is inexplicable and contrary to common sense. The answer lies in who the justices are and which president appointed them. Yes, it’s that vital.

Now, imagine a Supreme Court packed by President Hillary Clinton with 6-7 far-left ideological justices. The result would be nauseating in the near-term and disastrous to our freedoms overall.

In yet another scenario, we’d surely watch case after case progress through the District and Appellate courts, tumble toward the inevitable unconstitutional fate of a Supreme Court stacked with Clinton cronies and God knows who else–each appointed by corporatist President Donald Trump.

What can we do to ensure the Supreme Court and our freedoms are protected? The answer:  Elect a true Constitutional conservative for President in 2016.

Ted Cruz has been studying the Constitution since high school. Did you know he has the entire Constitution memorized? He does! He’s been fighting for the Constitution since graduating Harvard Law in 1995. As Texas Solicitor General, he gained firsthand experience with many of the country’s best judges and other colleagues who could be among those selected for the nation’s highest court.

In 2016, Ted Cruz will get my vote based on his unyielding fidelity to the Constitution and the protection of our fundamental freedoms. There are many, many more reasons to consider Ted Cruz for president, and I invite you to take a serious look at him while considering whether the next president will protect the Constitution and our freedoms.


Photo credit: The U.S. Supreme Court