The Gateway Drug to Socialism…

Understanding the perils of socialism creeping in through the “gateway drug” of liberalism.

Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism
Patriot, Flag, Generation Will Not Fall to Socialism

We’re aware that morally relativistic extrapolation for the purposes of propaganda does nothing to negate the fact of socialism’s culpability in in the deaths of millions.

In America, this monumentally imprudent acceptance of aspects of socialism has given rise to large numbers of mental defectives supporting the geriatric Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for President of the United States; the conservative press references Sanders as a socialist, though his political views are more closely aligned with communism. The idea that even one American would consider this man as a viable candidate for the office of President would be laughable if he did not actually have significant numbers of people queued up to vote for him.

You will want to read the rest of this article: the freedom of our future generations relies on understanding the perils of socialism creeping in through the “gateway drug” of liberalism.


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