REMINDER: Still feeling sorry for Hillary’s 10 hour testimony? Don’t!

Hillary, Benghazi, Testimony, Meme
Hillary, Benghazi, Testimony, Meme

This year in review, originally posted October 27, 2015

Liberal media and people are complaining about Hillary having to testify to Congress for 10 long hours?

Ambassador Chris Stevens and “the soldiers she refused to send help to fought for their lives for over 8 straight hours awaiting a rescue that was never sent.”

If you haven’t seen the photos of the torture that AMB. Stevens endured, do a quick internet search. You’ll be sick to your stomach, but I doubt you’ll still feel sorry for Hillary who had to sit in an air conditioned room on a cushy seat while being grilled with annoying questions.

And just think… AMB. Stevens was one of her closest friends (according to her!) Just think what she’ll do for you and me!

H/T Facebook/Mike Moffett


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