Sharing Could Land Two Seventh Graders in Reform School in Conservative TX

Sharing an inhaler during gym class could land two middle school girls in alternative school after one of them had an asthma attack in the middle of P.E.


We all learned that sharing is caring right? Our parents instilled in us the importance of sharing.  Well, when a life or death situation happened at a Garland Middle School in Texas, and a student shared her inhaler with another girl who was having an asthma attack, she found herself in the principal’s office. The office informed her that she had shared a controlled substance and could face thirty days along with her friend in reformed school. So much for caring! Next time I guess just watch the person cough and choke and then face negligence charges. To heck with anything else!

Both girls face punishment for violating school rules that prohibit sharing a controlled substance, such as prescription drugs. The girls and their parents are expected to meet with the school principal. Both girls are honor roll students.

“I’m getting in trouble, but the thing is, she’s getting in trouble too,” Alexis, the girl who had the attack, told FOX 4. “She tried to help me.”

Alexis’ stepfather said she has been to the ICU before because of her asthma.

Wow those inhalers sure are causing trouble lately.

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