Pro-Lifer Indicted for Organ Trafficking: PP Scot-Free

Pro-life people associated with the Planned Parenthood videos face indictments, while PP gets away with breaking the law.

Planned Parenthood, Body Parts For Sale, Lion Killed, Outrage
Planned Parenthood, Body Parts For Sale, Lion Killed, Outrage

We’ve all heard about those undercover videos catching Planned Parenthood employees wanting to sell aborted baby organs. PP claimed they were fabricated. Like Hillary, we thought they might be investigated. But no, like her, they got off scot-free. Guess who was indicted on charges of misdemeanor organ trafficking and with tampering with a governmental record, a felony? The pro-life gentleman who made the videos, David Daleiden. Guess life is attacked again. He still insists he is innocent.

“This grand jury cleared PPGC of breaking the law. However, the grand jury did hand down indictments for two individuals who were involved in making the allegations against PPGC public via covert recordings made in April 2015.”

Wow, so I guess Hillary didn’t break the law hiding classified servers in her bathroom and PP didn’t break the law “joking” about selling baby organs.

H/T The Federalist

Photo Credit Newsbusters

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