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One hundred posts, the significance of the number, and an update on what's happening in SCOTUS


Wow, this is my hundredth post for The Real Side and a year and a half! 🙂 The number one hundred individualizes the part of a whole, which is itself only the part of a greater totality. The construction of the Great Pyramid lasted 100 years, according to Edgar Cayce. The The second reign of Napoleon lasted 100 days, from March 20 to June 22, 1815. It ended by the defeat of Waterloo. The number 100 is used 95 times in the Bible and five times in the Kuran. It has been a great journey and I hope to continue to write about pertinent topics in the world

Sadly, David Bowie lost an eighteen-month battle with cancer.

The latest in SCOTUS: During its January 15, 2016 conference the Court will consider petitions considering issues such as Texas’s challenge to the Obama administration’s policy of deferring deportation action for certain undocumented immigrants, whether the Full Faith and Credit Clause permits a court to deny recognition to an adoption judgment previously issued by a court from a sister state, and whether a provision of the Affordable Care Act requires individuals to “maintain insurance coverage or make a provision to the Internal Revenue Service” is a “Bill[] for raising Revenue” to which the Origination Clause applies. On Wednesday, the Court will consider its power to decide Puerto Rico’s during a hearing. According to the SCOTUS blog, in taking the case to the Supreme Court, lawyers for the Puerto Rican government stated a federal law allows the Justices the authority to review “final judgments or decrees” by Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court, including in situations in which that court has ruled on a question under the U.S. Constitution.  The decision being challenged involves the Fifth Amendment’s ban on “double jeopardy” as it applies in Puerto Rico criminal courts.  Puerto Rico wants to be able to prosecute crimes in its courts even though the federal government has already prosecuted those same crimes; to do that, it must be treated as a separate “sovereign.” Read more here: SCOTUS BLOG

Here’s to another hundred blog posts and a terrific year!

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