Obama: Chicago is the blueprint for National Gun Laws

Obama, Chicago Is The Blueprint For National Gun Laws
Obama, Chicago Is The Blueprint For National Gun Laws

From the Republican Security Council:

The Same Gun Laws That Made Chicago A Criminal’s Paradise Are Now Being Advocated By Obama For The Entire Country. There Has Been Some Good News.

In the 50 states, 95 pro-gun bills passed in 2015, and 110 anti-gun bills lost.

The other good news is that all of the pro-gun policy riders were passed by the U.S. Congress.

Why is Obama constantly talking about guns? Because he doesn’t want to concentrate on the fact that six million more Americans live in poverty today than when he was elected.

He can’t explain the bankrupt Obamacare exchanges, or his failed $800 billion stimulus.

His promises of 4% economic growth were false, and his foreign policy retreat has been a green light for the Islamic State, Iran, Russia, North Korea and China.

Chicago is the gun control capital of the United States. The Washington Post says “Chicago sees more gun violence than the rest of the country. In 2015 over 2,400 people were shot, and 487 of them died.”

The same gun laws that made Chicago a criminal’s paradise are now being advocated by Obama for the entire country. The Democrats want new laws to include high capacity magazine bans, ‘assault weapons’ bans, more intrusive background checks on gun purchases, and squeezing gun shows out of existence.

Is Chicago safer because of any of these measures? No, it’s actually more dangerous.

If any of these gun laws are passed, the only thing they will do is make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain the weapons they need to defend their lives, their families, and their property. And in the end, this will leave us with an America that resembles Chicago-level gun crime more and more.

H/T Facebook/USA.RSC

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