Obama About to Make History in One of the Worst Ways Possible

Barack Obama is likely to soon join three other presidents who have the unwanted distinction of being notorious for their actions in office not being approved of by Congress.  It is possible that he will join Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton in the group of presidents that have  been censured by Congress.

Of course, the Obama minions at MSNBC pretend that their tyrannical hero, Barack Hussein Obama has not failed to faithfully execute the office of the president, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. They also maintain that the American Muslim version of Adolf Hitler has not implemented unconstitutional executive actions without congressional consideration, nor has he deprived citizens of their constitutionally-mandated right to bear arms under the Second Amendment according to the left wing nut jobs at the network referred to by American Patriot Mark Levin as MS-LSD.

The truth is that President Obama has failed to preserve, protect, and defend the American Constitution and has failed to execute existing American law.  His administration has willfully supplied weapons to Mexican drug cartels and to terrorists that consider themselves to be enemies of the United States.   He has failed to enforce American marriage laws that were in effect during the tenure of his regime and then spat in the face of all who hold God’s Holy institution sacred, and has deliberately violated United States immigration law at every turn.   Obama has now pushed the envelope even further as he has sought to weaken the ability of the average American  citizen to defend his or her livelihood against his (Muslim Barry’s) tyrannical government.

Of course, MSNBC’s take on the whole fiasco should not come as a surprise.  General Electric still owns a 49 percent stake in NBC Universal.  It can be almost guaranteed that GE would back the tyrannical president that they gleefully rooted for, paid for, and doted over with sickening enthusiasm.   Follow the money.

Reposted with permission from Shayn Roby at Roby’s Right Corner

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