No freedom for rape victims

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President Obama works to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, citizens’ safety be damned. California falls right in line.

Christopher Evans Hubbart is the infamous “Pillowcase Rapist” police desperately sought as early as 1972. His preferred targets were 20-something women, and his “signature” was putting pillowcases over their heads and often binding their hands before raping them.

The crimes centered in the Glendora, Pomona, Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights areas.

Hubbart gave a taped interview (obtained by the L.A. Times) with a California Department of Justice special agent when he was 43 years old. He didn’t report being molested or abused as a child, just twisted.

At about 14 years of age, he would break into neighbors’ homes “out of curiosity about other people’s lives.” He had a penchant for women’s bras and imagined getting into bed with the women and being mistaken for their husbands.

He progressed to spying on women in parking lots and breaking into their cars while they were absent to get their addresses from the car registrations. He then traveled to their homes, broke in and waited to commit the ultimate assaults.

He liked choosing homes with toys outside.

Hubbart was 21 years old in 1972 when he was arrested for a “string of assaults.” The grand jury indictments were for attempted rape, sodomy, rape and breaking into the homes of 10 women.

Hubbart pleaded guilty to some of the crimes, was deemed a “mentally disordered sex offender” and was sent to a state hospital. Released in 1979, he moved to the Bay Area where he resumed his crimes, being arrested in a mere two years. He was convicted of rape and more, then imprisoned for another eight years.

According to the Times, court documents state Hubbart “admitted to at least 44 sexual assaults over 18 years.” (As an aside, it is worth noting that using the term “sexual assault” is demeaning and corruptive. The authentic term in all of its glaring violence and decadence is “rape.” News media need to learn to stop sugar-coating the criminal act.)

California has a Sexually Violent Predator Law that allows courts to incarcerate the sickest deviants to keep the public safe. Hubbart fit the mold when two state psychiatrists testified they evaluated him as having “severe” deviant sexual behavior.

It costs taxpayers $100 million per year for 560 violent predators in state hospitals. After being deemed among the worst of the worst, 12 have been put back into our society with no supervision, and the state does zero tracking to determine if they are re-arrested for new crimes.

Another loophole is the requirement that these in-house perverts be tracked for their progress of treatment, apparently aimed at eventual release.

Hubbart attended sessions entitled, “Meaning of Life and Happiness” and “Exploring Beliefs About Women Using Art Therapy,” and he gets to offer his feelings, like saying he thinks he’ll be all right.

In the summer of 2014, Hubbart was released from the hospital. He lives in a Lake Los Angeles house at an undisclosed rental fee from an unnamed owner with 24/7 protection. He has personal healthcare and therapy overseen by Liberty Healthcare. He has a television, but he’s forbidden to watch any form of media that might “act as stimulus to arouse.” Sure.

The 18-month stint so far has cost taxpayers $832,000, with $737,000 going to security. That’s a gigantic chunk out of the $100 million budget that is supposed to serve 560 predators annually.

As for that required, pesky GPS ankle-bracelet, he “neglects” to charge the battery, and it is known he has contacted known criminals without approval. These failures led the L.A. District Attorney’s office to ask a judge to return him to the hospital, as he “remains at high risk of imminent re-offense” – to no avail.

His treatment and lie-detector tests are a secret, but Liberty Healthcare says he’s doing “far better than expected.” Evidently the bar set by all of these wizards is pretty low.

The neighbors are justifiably in an uproar and frightened. They prudently and constantly keep tabs on this guy. Liberty Healthcare whines that the neighbors’ demonstrations and objections are “wearing (Hubbart) down.”

Hubbart’s attorney, Christopher Yuen, chimes in that Hubbart has (per the Times) “the right to live in peace after spending so many years dedicating himself to treatment.”

As for the right to live in peace, one early victim reported Hubbart threatened to kill her son; another was raped while her infant child lay in the bed beside her, and a third said he raped her and then broke into her home two weeks later.

Today, a woman now 70 recounts how Hubbart entered her home, pulled her to the bedroom, tied her hands, put a pillowcase over her head and raped her while her 8-year-old son was yelling, “Don’t hurt my mom.” When Hubbart ran off, her son came in and untied her.

This lady reports that even today, the smallest sounds awaken her. No telling what her son continues to endure. She cannot believe Hubbart is free.

Some ill-thinkers would say he isn’t really “free.” Wrong. For what he is and has done, he is very free.

Freedom and peace are what have been stolen from his numerous victims. It’s a sure bet they haven’t felt free since he entered their homes and their lives.

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Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident who believes in the Constitution in its entirety and that laws should be upheld and apply to everyone equally.